Friday, September 23, 2011

Juan Williams Tells It Like Is About Ron Paul



  1. A journalist who doesn't report the news but censors it is NOT a journalist. Why do most people implicitly support this label when it does NOT apply? Aren't these people complicit in the perpetuation of this fraud?

  2. Mr. Wenzel...Now that you've helped bruise the Perry camp, call Bachmann and Perry campaigns and collude to nail Romney on his lack of knowledge about the Federal Reserve. Bring the subject back to something that Paul has the upper hand.

  3. Besides the Judge, Juan Williams is the most fair person on Foxnews to Ron Paul. He is really the only other person I enjoy watching besides the Judge. I guess I like Stossel sometimes, too.

    No wonder NPR fired Juan Williams. He is an actual legit journalist!

  4. I actually think Juan's analysis is inaccurate.

    The media doesn't ignore him because they think he CAN'T win. They ignore him because they THINK HE *CAN* WIN. And they are afraid of that.