Friday, September 23, 2011

Ron Paul Launches $1M TV Ad Push

In a statement, the Ron Paul campaign has announced a new ad (below) which will begin airing and is the first in a "$1 million television push over the next few weeks" on broadcast and cable in New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Florida and South Carolina.

The 60-second spot, titled "A Veteran's Best Friend," highlights Paul's military service as a surgeon and features two Vietnam War veterans' praising him.

"It takes a veteran to understand a veteran and he is a veteran himself," one of them says.


  1. It's a good ad in that it's emotional, but I think it's the wrong ad.

    People aren't going to suddenly think Ron Paul is OK on foreign policy because he got medals for vets -- no matter how much they deserved the medals.

    The commercial to be running now, IMHO, is one that takes on the misguided neocon perception that militarism is defense.

  2. these ads make me want to vomit, alas. Why can't he put out his ideas in these ads instead of another feel-good piece of garbage like this?

  3. In all honesty, I find this to be a cheap "tug on the heartstrings" approach, which I'm sure most Americans are completely immune to by now.

    Couldn't the campaign find a mixture of vets from past wars like Vietnam and present like Iraq to say: "We've been there, it's hell, we're wasting life and money and Ron Paul is the only candidate serious about ending it".

  4. One ad will not educate the public, but a series each with a simple yet different message for a different audience. Remember there are a lot of uninnoculated people needing measured dosages of the RP antidote.

  5. I understand the Paul campaign may be trying to increase its support among the 60+ crowd. But the problem is that that's not the key demographic for a freedom message, anyways.

    Instead of this ad, why doesn't the Paul campaign do as they (Tom Woods, I think) suggested on LRC the other day - put together an ad explaining how he is the ONLY one who predicted and understands the economic crisis. It appears most voters this round are concerned about the economy, so hype that. As much as I hate empire, the real appeal of Ron Paul for many typical Americans can be his winning, revivifiying economic views. Why is the campaign not creating an ad using old Paul footage, voiceovers, etc to take viewers through his precise economic predictions and prove to voters that he understands America's economic woes?

  6. @ Anon 6:31 PM,

    Concur. RP's message of freedom and liberty is unique and by that token so should his ads be. His ads need to differentiate and separate him from the pretenders so that voters have a clear choice.