Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just How Much Does Warren Buffett Pay in Taxes?

And, what kind of deductions does he take?

Since Buffett has called for increasing the income tax rate for high earners, and Buffett claims his secretary's tax rate is higher than his, the US Senator John Cornyn from Texas tweets:
Will Mr. Buffett release his tax returns?
It's the least he could do to show us all the edge he is getting over his secretary, and why.


  1. He probably just borrows on the value of his estate...He pays 6% bank interest instead of paying 45% income tax or 15% cap gains tax.

  2. An oldy blog about dear Warren

  3. We have seen that he is bad at math, and at least one of his companies does not pay taxes. We might as well see his actual tax statement since he is always claiming to pay so little in taxes...

  4. I heard an unsubstantiated rumor and I'd like someone to confirm or deny it. A friend told me that Mr. Buffet sells tax shelters as part of his business dealings? Is it true? Because if it is, he makes more money when the government raises taxes and his statements are just a way to get the government to advertise for him.