Sunday, September 18, 2011

Russian Tycoon Punches Another Russian Tycoon on TV Talk Show

Media magnate Alexander Lebedev struck real estate developer Sergei Polonsky several times during an NTV talk show on Friday, sending Polonsky sprawling on the floor, The Moscow Times reports.

The troubled tycoons were guests on "NTVshniki," and the topic for the show, which was to air uncut late Sunday, was the global financial crisis.

In a short segment aired by NTV news on Saturday, Polonsky criticized the other guests on the panel while fielding questions from the audience, saying their comments put him "in a mind to punch someone's face."

Lebedev, sitting next to him, inquired whether the remark was directed at him. Polonsky asked him to calm down and continued his heated rant. Lebedev leapt out of his chair and dealt several blows to Polonsky's head, causing Polonsky to topple onto the floor together with his chair. The segment ends with the host calling for help from security guards.

Lebedev is owner of UK's The Independent and the Evening Standard. Polonsky once declared that anyone who isn't worth a billion dollars is a loser.


  1. Mr. Silver Hair didn't land anything clean. It was more of a push/slip off stage. That other guy was pissed. He would have taken Silver Hair down and given him some vicious ground-and-pound had it continued. LMAO!

  2. Seeing Russian "elite" makes me want to puke. They are the best illustration to the old but mostly forgotten truth (Americans are just as ignorant, by the way) that wealth is not the same as class.

    Put a former Comsomol brownnoser into a nice suit, let him "appropriate" few billions using his old-time Party connections, and he will still remain a Comsomol brownnoser.

  3. Amen, averros. You can take the trash out of the country...

    99.99% of these Russian "elite" used their connections to the old regime to set up crony "capitalist" companies, and siphon trillions from the russian people. In a law-bound, truly free market they would flounder. The majority of Russians still live in poverty, and their "freedom" is ephemeral. No wonder the vast majority of them want to emigrate.

    I'm by no means a socialist, but a just society would strip these thugs of their wealth and imprison them, and distribute their ill-gotten gains to Russians who lost everything under communism and then start fresh with a property rights, law based society.

    I've dealt with some Russians in NYC, and they are nice to your face and will stab you if you turn around. 70+ years of lawlessness has ruined their ideas of morality. They scare me.

    Dale Fitz

  4. Well, well... what else can you expect from 70 years of mass Marxist brainwash...billionaire apes?..No?

  5. Russians have always been barbarians.

  6. For the record - I am Russian, hard-core ancap, and gun "nut" (just like most of my Russian friends here in SF Bay Area).

    Russian diaspora in US is basically composed of "refugees" (i.e. people who wanted to get in under pretense that they were persecuted more than the rest of the population - receiving welfare, holding government jobs, etc are common in this group) and "professionals" (educated techies and entrepreneurs simply going where jobs/opportunities are). Leftist sentiments are, predictably, common in the former group, and the professional emigration tends to be libertarian (besides having higher IQ and being self-reliant people in this group have seen collectivism in action, have been on the receiving side of its unwelcome attentions, - and grew to hate it).

    The refugees are commonly found in Russian "ghettos" (Brighton Beach in NY, Geary St. in SF, etc), they're not well-integrated, and can be commonly seen complaining that their English-speaking kids refuse to talk to them. The professionals are found in affluent suburbs in high-tech centers, and their kids are fluently bilingual (at least... in many families of Russian professionals I know kids speak three or four languages).

    The worst group is kids of the "refugees" who went through American public schools - because these kids were ashamed of the low economic and social status of their parents, and strongly wanted to fit in, they lapped up the progressivist/statist B.S. pushed in the schools - without any moderating influence from the parents.