Thursday, September 29, 2011

Office Rental Surge Continues in Parts of California

Fed money printing continues to have impact in Silicon Valley and, now,other California areas.

A Meyers LLC reports office space absorption growing dramatically in various submarkets in Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego and Santa Clara County.

In 2Q11, Silicon Valley experienced 469,892 sf of net absorption, according to Meyers.

In Orange county, the Greater Airport submarket, which includes Costa Mesa, Irvine and Newport Beach saw 208,716 sf of net office space absorbed.

Prior to this release, most indication were of growing strength in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the strength in southern California suggests that, as I expected, the strength will expand in other regions.

All indications point to a manipulated boom on the way.

With Bernanke printing money the way he is, those who are forecasting a double-dip are going to be way off.


  1. The zombies are also having an impact with the manipulated boom.

    From the Woodpile Report

    Keywanda, of the music video EBTart-link-symbol-tiny-arrow-only.gif, has 10 children by various fathers. She's also having the time of her life, like most of the permanent underclass she lives very well. It takes many working people to support—oops, assist—just one Keywanda but they do it gladly and are better people for it."

    Cheers California

  2. Re:Scarlett-




    That video is ways both good and bad.

    I wish I could find out who funded it, who this "Chapter" woman is, and the impetus behind it. Although I agree with the sentiment- welfare has always been a corrosive force in the black inner-city community- I cannot believe that anyone could call out their own sisters in that manner without some sort of consequence.

    Damn, that's a mystery I need to solve. That's one fucked up video, and yet the song itself is rather catchy. Care to share where you found it?