Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poll: Elizabeth Warren Takes Early Lead Over Scott Brown in Massachusetts

A new poll by  Public Policy Polling group shows Elizabeth "The Great Interventionist" Warren taking an early lead on Sen. Scott Brown in their Massachusetts Senate race for 2012. Warren has erased a 15 point deficit from last June, and now leads by a narrow 46-44 margin.

Warren's name recognition has increased from 38 to 62 percent over the last three months the group said, with her 21 percent favorability rating also improving to 40 percent.

Warren is best known for using her position as TARP overseer to study European attempts at bank nationalization and then reaching the conclusion that nationalization of US banks should be considered an option.

Her strongest support comes from unions, largely based on her willingness to drive financial organizations into the ground, if they are not union financial organizations like union credit unions. 

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