Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Report: Bloomberg News Investigating Koch Bros. Bribery Affair

Four years ago evidence was found that employees at Koch-Glitsch Sarl, a Koch International subsidiary, had paid bribes to obtain business. More than two dozen people were either terminated or allowed to resign.

It's not clear what philosophy the Koch brothers hold on bribery, whether their thinking slides into the Rothbard-Block thinking on bribery, or whether they look on in disgust at what happened within the Kochtopus.

But whatever the case, Bloomberg apparently thinks there is more to the story. Examiner columnist Mark Tapscott  is reporting: 

It looks like another liberal mainstream media outlet may be about to level a broad-gauge hit piece against Charles and David Koch.
A couple of Bloomberg reporters have been digging dirt on the Kansas brothers who own one of the world's largest private corporations...several Bloomberg reporters have been trolling among former Koch employees across the pond in search of disaffected voices willing to talk.

One of those appears to be Ludmila Egorova-Farines, formerly European manager for ethics and commercial compliance for Koch-Glitsch Sarl.
Who knows what the intrepid reporters will find? And thus the Kochtopus dilemma, if there is more at the bribe level, will they embrace the defense of the hated-Rothbard (who they believe is too consistently libertarian, for example, on things like, uh, bribery) or will they consider their very own Kochtopus tainted and perhaps slice off an arm?

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