Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roger Stone Endorses Gary Johnson

I think Roger Stone is an interesting character, but outside of Ed Rollins and the Bushies, who the hell has ever heard of him?

What this endorsement probably means is that Donald Trump has decided not to sign any checks with Roger Stone's name on them. 



  1. Strange. I wonder what this is about? Does anybody really care?

    In the current race, I think Pawlenty and Johnson are VPs contenders, and Chris Christie, when he comes in is the presidential candidate. The powers that be would be all behind these guys because they're the most vanilla, non-threatening, and most importantly, electable in the popular sense. They will cut at the margin if they cut at all, which is more acceptable to the fake plastic rhetoric of everyone else (except Ron Paul.)

    Perry and Romney are compromised. Palin, few respect, and is also compromised. Cain, Gingrich, Bachmann and Santorum, are cookie-cutter and really only in it for the future book sales and speaking fees.

    Of course, the best candidate for peace and free markets, Paul, will be blocked by the every special interest that feeds at the trough.

  2. Here is an article written about Roger Stone back in 2008, which includes a quote from Trump.