Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Most Powerful Argument Against Gun Registration

LaTi is reporting that a remake of the movie Red Dawn is going to be released in theatres next year.

Free trade will apparently have an impact on the movie:
In the original "Red Dawn," a group of teenagers in a Washington town battle invading Soviet forces; in the remake, the invaders were changed to Chinese. But that decision turned the film into a hot potato.
After MGM emerged from bankruptcy in late 2009 and decided it wouldn’t release the movie, no other studio wanted to touch “Red Dawn” for fear of offending the government of China, a hugely important market in the increasingly global film business.

As a result, the movie’s producers last winter used digital technology and creative editing to change most of the invaders to North Koreans. (Staunchly communist North Korea is economically isolated and not a market for any American products.) Still, it took most of the year to find a distributor willing to take the movie on.
I sure hope in the remake they don't cut out a line that appeared in original. Early in the original, a Russian commander tells a soldier something along the lines, "Go down to the townhall and get the list of everyone in this town that owns a registered gun."

It's pretty scary when you think about it that a list exists that could be compromised by a domestic or foreign group that could identify peaceful, decent people who have guns for their own protection.


  1. You might find that many people who endorse strict gun legislation scoff at such scenarios as being highly unlikely, and take very seriously other scenarios that truly are highly unlikely.

  2. They've already lost any plausibility the original might have maintained. When the original Red Dawn was released, people in the US, and especially along the west coast, could suspend disbelief long enough to imagine a scenario where the Soviet Union could conceivably mobilize a military capable of invading the US.

    No one without an agenda can entertain such a scenario with North Korea as the invading army.

  3. Mr. Wenzel, you have pointed out the exact reason that I do not have a CCW permit.

    About a year and a half ago the Ohio DNC (I live in Ohio) attempted to get a full list from all county sheriffs who issue CCWs- by law they must keep and update their records- only to find out that they are not public record.

    When Ohio first passed the CCW law, all records were "public". But, certain newspapers started running a list of names every month. Obviously, people got angry, and then the problem was added to the amendment bill.

    However, each of the 88 sheriffs in Ohio do keep records, which tells me that they can be easily obtained by those who really want it.

  4. That was a great scene in the original Red Dawn. This new one sounds horrible, and the idea of North Korea invading us is hilarious. I loved how accurate that movie was in a lot of ways, but the gun registration list was extremely accurate. I also agree with the above on why it is a bad idea to have a CCW permit.

    The only thing I worry about is that that the FFL instant checks that aren't supposed to be kept clearly have been. It could easily be used one day...

  5. Just watched the original again a couple of weeks ago and this is from the actual transcript:

    KGB Major: Do you want to see me?

    Colonel Ernesto Bella: Yes... yes. Go to the sporting goods store. From the files obtain forms 4473. These will contain descriptions of weapons, and lists of private ownership.

  6. I also hope they keep Colonel Bella's comment about having problems fighting "insurgents" in Afghanistan.

  7. Murray Rothbard wrote a review of the original "Red Dawn". See here.

  8. North Korea...give me a break. That'd be like the Falkland Islanders invading Argentina.

    I can almost guarantee the registration line will be cut.

  9. I am also pretty sure that the movie was not based in Washington state. It had to have been Colorado because of how they hid in the mountains. I also checked the listing on my Direct TV and it says Colorado as well.

  10. @JaffiJoe,

    Ditto (I'm in Ohio also).

    And let's not forget, unlike in the movie where it was foreign invaders who were the threat to the people, the real threat to people here in the U.S. is the U.S. "gunvernment".

    Think anyone in Hollywood would make THAT movie?