Sunday, September 4, 2011

Roger Stone's Ron Paul Question

Stone, the man who knows a dirty trick when he sees one, tweets:
Why does CNN cover Jon Huntsman and not Ron Paul? I have a better chance of being GOP nominee.


  1. The MSM will not cover Ron Paul for the same reason they will never cover the ABCT. Even though Krugman has announced that the Austrians lately have acquired a "real - and really bad influence" upon monetary policy, the MSM simply cannot ever cover or explain the ABCT because Ron Paul can't win. He can't win because the MSM will not explain the ABCT. That makes the ABCT irrelevant despite its "real" influence on monetary policy, right?

  2. I've never even heard of Jon Huntsman.

  3. I just read a garbage AP article earlier today about how the "Tea Party" is using "force" to control the terms of the Republican debate. The article failed to mention to even print Paul's name, but did manage to devote a paragraph of two Pawlenty's dropping out.