Sunday, September 4, 2011

'This Week' Turns Even More Interventionist...

...thanks to Christiane Amanpour. Paul Krugman spills the beans:
OK, I’ll be on This Week tomorrow. Also, Jared Bernstein — which I though [sic] violated some principle of TV news. Surely if a progressive economist is allowed on at all, he’s supposed to be surrounded by a pack of conservatives? Now Christiane is letting two of us on at the same time …


  1. Exact quote from Krugman on This Week:

    "The public should want what I want but it doesn't"

    Yes, Dr. Krugman, you are right and the ignorant public is wrong. If only you were dictator of the U.S. we could all be employed digging ditches.

  2. You have to admit that Krugman is, if nothing else, consistent. Every Idea he has is better than the next...