Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rollins Roll: Disses Bachmann's Chances

Ed Rollins, former campaign manager to Michele Bachmann, told MSNBC today that Bachmann doesn't have the “ability or the resources” to compete beyond Iowa “at this point in time.”

Weeks ago, Roger Stone predicted this would happen:

How long before Ed Rollins is openly attacking Bachmann?
3 thing u can count on--sun rises,water wet , Rollins attacks his own candidate


  1. Why oh why did Rollins sign up as Bachmann's campaign manager in the first place? So he could sabotage her later?

  2. Bachmann was the only game in town that would hire him.

    Romney still has his campaign structure from 2007 (virtually unchanged).

    Perry has his Texas people.

    Ron Paul has his people. Although many thought Rollins might come on board as a consultant but Rollins doesn't seem the type to take orders for a 20-something year old plus the Paul campaign is notoriously stingy on consultants.

    "T-Paw" Palenty was just...wait... was.

    Enough said here but I'll add the following:

    Bachmann never had a professional campaign team from the start because of her notorious nature to fire staff (high turnover) plus she never really got involved enough in TEA Party politics to recruit dedicated foot soldiers (she has never raised money for TEA Party causes). Essentially, she has a lot of high upfront costs to maintain a campaign staff because she can only attract true political mercenaries.

  3. @ Chris,

    Now that's journalism!