Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tweets of the Day

Dan Primack: Just rang DC office for Majority Whip McCarthy (R-CA). Voice-mail hasn't been set up..
Bryon York: Sen. Cornyn calls on Warren Buffett to release tax returns. 'If he's going to be the gold standard...let's look at them.'

Tim Carney: Harvey Weinstein maxxed out to the DNC last month, as did Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Mike Allen: breaking! Bill Clinton has new book coming in Nov. from Knopf, "Back to Work," offering plan to get America “back into the future business


  1. Bill Clinton has a book about putting America back to work? Is he offering an internship?

  2. Wow, Clinton is cutting the legs out from under Obama! The only thing worse would be if Hillary wrote the book (you know she had to help). I'm sure the book will be full of nonsense since judging from his comments he's as clueless about the economy as your average Democrat or Republican politician, but as we know the public believes that past success guarantees future success so I'm sure the book will be a raging success.