Friday, September 2, 2011

What Kind of Dirt Does Rudy G. Have on Mitt Romney?

Word on the street is that during this presidential cycle more opposition research is being conducted on potential nominees than in any other presidential cycle ever.

Apparently, even Rudy Giuliani has stacks of research on Mitt Romney. Giuliani's team looked in detail at every deal Romney did while he was in private equity, according to sources.


  1. It's amazing how Ron Paul's opponents have been slowly falling by the wayside either through sheer incompetence or hypocrisy or by other opponents leaving him to engage in the battle of ideas. His opponents do the work of eliminating his competition for him. Brilliant!

  2. THE Rudy Giuliani has crawled out from under a rock and is digging dirt on others?

    THE epitomy of Gestapo creepiness from NYC?


    What a joke.

    Eww. I feel creepy even typing his name.

  3. I love the fact that they are attacking one another. If they can get a few hookers to admit they f*[<ed Perry, a few men to admit they were intimate with Marc Bachmann, and a few cronies to admit they bribed Romney, then the field is wide open for Paul.

    He's not perfect, but his record of personal and public behavior is pristine compared to most.

  4. Only Harold Stassen has run for President more than Ron Paul. Both are CONservative losers!!!!!