Monday, October 10, 2011

Berlusconi Over-the-Top Sexual Insult of Angela Merkel

Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi is being accused of calling German Chancellor Angela Merkel an "unfu**able fat ass".

Germany’s best-selling paper Bild ran the story under the headline: ‘Did Berlusconi insult our Chancellor Merkel?’.

The taped conversation between Berlusconi and an editor of a paper his family owns emerged as part of an investigation into a blackmail plot against him.

This should really give Merkel added incentive to bailout the PIIGS.


  1. Why not. He speaks from decades of experience. He ought to know a good piece of a$$ from a bad one. But when you keeping looking for the holy grail, you'll have fun trying and disappointment never finding it. Sounds like an addiction.

  2. Even a stopped clock is honest once (24 hour clock) or twice a day.

  3. Perceptive and honest...Merkel is an insufferable FA in addition to being the typical East German statsi Socialist.

  4. How is it an insult if it's true?
    It is never Merkel's who bails out...err...Recapitalizes anyone. She is an agent of the global banksters.

  5. She is more an uncivilized/primitive female gorilla like all Socialists.