Monday, October 10, 2011

U.S. Government Gains Access to WikiLeaks Supporter's Email Correspondent Addresses

The U.S. government obtained secret court orders to force Google and a small Internet provider to hand over information from email accounts of a WikiLeaks volunteer, reports WSJ.

The U.S. request included email addresses of people that Jacob Appelbaum, a Wikileaks volunteer, had corresponded with in the past two years, but not the full emails,according to WSJ.

Internet provider Sonic said it fought the government order legally and lost, and was forced to turn over information, the company's chief executive, Dane Jasper.

The Google order dated January 4, 2011, directed the search giant to turn over IP address from which Appelbaum logged into his account and the email and IP addresses of the users with whom he communicated dating back to November 1, 2009.


  1. Ok. This is scary. The lesson to be learned in matters like this is to: (a) set up a single purpose, anonymous email address, (b) have a single purpose, dedicated net book with no personal information on it whatsoever to send these emails, (c) access the email account with public wifi networks only and (d) physically pull the hard drive out of the netbook when not in use and store it in a place where it will not be found.

  2. obama sounds like the hitler of the 1930's. whewre is our freedom of speech gone????

  3. Good tips! Another alternative would be to not betray your country’s secrets in the guise of freedom of expression/information. Still waiting for Wikileaks to expose Iran’s nuclear secrets, etc.