Friday, October 14, 2011

Bernanke Sympathises with the Protesters

File this under: Total Absurdity

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, who is the man most responsible for the current crisis state of the economy as a result of his manipulations of the money supply, says he can't blame the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

During a hearing last week before the Joint Economic Committee, Bernanke was asked about the ongoing protests and said, “They blame, with some justification, the financial sector for getting us into this mess.”

Like a burglar playing it cool while being questioned by police in front of a building where the alarm is going off, Bernanke makes it sound as though the economy is some kind of machine and he is just some guy passing by. Ballsy man, ballsy.


  1. Ben Bernanke saying, "I am dissatisfied with what the economy is doing right now" is akin to me saying, "I am dissatisfied with the state of my comments right now."

    Yep, that guy has got some big brass ones, no doubt about that.

  2. Well, he was only the money printer and regulator, so how could it be his fault? LOL If American's beleive this crap, then they deserve the pain and suffering that results from it.

  3. What Bernanke is really thinking here: "Just don't let them know that we own them"

  4. He seems like a depressed grasshopper in the movie A Bugs Life.

  5. "..with some justification..."

    Isn't this really an example of to 'damn with faint praise.'

    To quote from Alexander Pope...

    Damn with faint praise,assent with civil leer,
    And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer;
    Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike,
    Just hint a fault, and hesitate dislike.

    (Thanks to the ever helpful Mr.Wiki.)