Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bruce Bartlett Goes Bonkers on CNBC

This is what happens if you spend too much time in Washington DC.

Bruce Bartlett, who once held some fairly strong anti-interventionist views, just went bonkers on CNBC.

Among other things, he said the "Fed is sitting on its hands." This when the Fed is pumping money out the door at double digit rates.

He said he is in favor of raising taxes (long term) and is calling for a major public works program. He said that Social Security is not a problem, even though Social Security holds nothing but Treasury securities, which means the Treasury will have to find, literally trillions to pay off SS.

He said company executives are "full of crap," when they say they are concerned about government regulations.

He also called for "a little bit of inflation."


  1. It just goes to show that the MSM is full of the political terrorist's lapdogs who only play a ideological ROLE for the feebs that watch TV. They are ALL statist/collectivist terrorists and they ALL reveal it when they get agitated.

  2. This guy claims to own me..Wow...I wish he would make that claim to my face.

  3. Some of them get a "pass" for ignorance- Bartlett is an active conspirator, and should face the consequences. He is sucking the d!@k of power to ingratiate himself with the elite. When their paper regime fails, justice will hopefully introduce him to the guillotine...

  4. He says "we need to be borrowing and spending more in the short run while simultaneously tightening in the long run". I'm going to take a play from his book and start drinking and doing drugs in the short run while simultaneously getting clean in the long run.... because in the long run I would be dead.