Saturday, October 15, 2011

Does Jim Chanos Want the Economy Destroyed by Obama?

Famed short-seller James Chanos, who makes money when stocks collapse, has, according to Tim Carney, contributed $38,500 to the Obama Victory Fund.

Chanos is a very good numbers guy and good at taking apart a corporate balance sheet, but he is clueless when it comes to understanding the overall economy.

When CNBC held a launch party for Tim Carney's brother, John and his CNBC web site Net Net with John Carney, I had a chance to talk to Chanos, who was at the event. I asked Chanos about gold. Gold was then trading just under $1,300. He told me he had no opinion on gold.

You really can't have a clue about Federal Reserve inflationary policies and how it impacts the economy, and have no opinion about gold.

So although Chanos may not want the economy to collapse, his encouragement of current Obama policies will encourage collapse, and be as dangerous as the advice Alan Kreuger gives the President.


  1. Soros and Paulson are for OWS and OWS is a planned revolt intended to destabilize the markets (October 2011), three years to the exact date of the October 15 2008 take down of the markets, which was 7 years almost to the month of the 9-11 attacks.

    Soros, Paulson, and Chanos are part of the speculator-media complex that you claim isn't orchestrating anything..nothing to see here...move along.

    Anonymous and Wikileaks have lent their support.
    The ideology demands cancellation of all debts and contracts and a rest of the economy, globally.

    It's very driven by optics and public perception. The idea is to create another mass panic and scare ourselves into large structural stages.

    What part of this don't people get yet?

    Breitbart, whatever you think of him, is on top of this..

  2. It's not a's an investment.
    Many people profit from terrorism and war...not just the political psychopaths that claim to own everyone.

  3. Sorry, I made a mistake with Paulson which I corrected on my blog just after I commented here.