Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Farrakhan on Muammar Gaddhafi's Death: "You Have Made Your President an Assassin"

BTW, a friend emails me:

Thanks for your coverage of Libya.

While in Asia last week I saw the news about Qaddafi. Except for the fools in America, no one else believes the lies of our MSM.


  1. Sounds like the Nation of Islam will vote for Ron Paul. I suspect they are all Democrats and won't register Republican for the primaries. Hard to believe they get it and the rest of the drones in this country don't.

  2. I repeat:

    A total rebuild seems in order here. With proven reserves the Libyans need every penny to reconstruct. Check the link for yourself, invest in a concrete plant there.

    A picture says a thousand words.

  3. @ Anonymous 10:37

    I've always felt like the RP organizaiton needed a "Democrats for Ron Paul" organization to mobile voters in the primary....

    I think it's a huge untapped voter base that could make a huge difference...

  4. LOL at the first comment here. The Nation of Islam hates you whities. The Nation of Islam would love to see your pasty white asses kissing their non pasty white asses. Unless, that comment was sarcasm, got me.

  5. Anon, the NoI doesn't "hate whitey" they think that the gov't has been at war with black people for 150 years. Farrakhan has had very nice things to say about Ron Paul, specifically on foreign policy and monetary policy.

    Get your facts straight before spewing bigoted and hateful lies.

  6. @Anon

    Hate is not a problem. On any given day, most people hate someone.

    And some of those people deserve hate.

    The problem is bombing countries.
    If Farrakhan's hate doesn't extend to bombing and looting people, it doesn't seem like anyone needs to worry about it too much, except water-carrying patsies for the NWO

  7. @RDF & Lila,

    Glad to see some cooler heads prevail before this topic got out of hand....

  8. If you think the NOI hates whites, then you aren't very familiar with the NOI, at least not the NOI of the last 10 or 15 years.

    The NOI has always represented the more conservative values of many black communities, and while liberals claim them they generally don't care about their more conservative agenda and rarely pay attention to it unless it's election time.

    The NOI has largely thrown up their hands at being heard by them and have slowly been making inroads with conservative circles. Suffice it to say that whatever other risks are involved, they would rather protect their values than have them flushed down the drain for some more vague feel-good legislation.