Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is Bank America About to Replace Goldman Sachs as the Most Hated Financial Institution in America?

From all indications, yes.

From the performance I witnessed by BofA CEO Brian Moynihan, at the World Ideas Forum, where Larry Kudlow grilled him mercilessly, and Moynihan only managed wimpy responses, to my personal experience with a snotty BofA branch manager in Washington DC, Andrea Bullock, the bank appears to be falling apart from one end to another.

The bank's Three Stooges like introduction of a $5.00 fee for those using debit cards, which if skillfully handled could have caused no uproar, instead appears to be a new talking point of the Obama Administration, and America, as an example of bankster thievery. Move over Lloyd Blankfein, allow me to introduce you to Brian Moynihan.

At today's World Ideas Forum, Vice President Joe Biden spent what seemed like half his time on stage dissing the Bank of America fee increase. It's never a good idea for any corporation's increase in prices to be the subject of national focus, but for a bank, in these times, with the current anti-bankster sentiment in the country, it could be a major problem for the bank. How bad was the diss by Biden? At one point he argued that it was more justifiable for airlines to charge additional fees for extra luggage than it is for Bank of America to institute the $5.00 bank fee.

Now, again, I think there is a strong argument to be made for why the fee was introduced and it could have been properly explained to the public, but Moynihan clearly has zero skill when it comes to public relations. In fact, from my brief observation of him, I think he is a total buffoon that the media is going to have more fun with than Blankfein. The fact that Biden spent so much time dissing BofA is indication enough that the Administration thinks they have found a true Joe Palokka punching bag. Now all we need is a Congressional hearing at which Moynihan testifies. That would be a total circus now that word is out that Moynihan and BofA are fair game. I'm sure that will come. In the mean time catch the buffoon during any media interviews because before long he is sure to crawl into an anti-media cave, and he'll likely stay there until Warren "Howdy Doody" Buffett panics over his recent BofA investment and fires the man.


  1. The monetary system is just a counterfeit racket and these bankster criminals want to charge fees on top of their money printing/mass inflation? ... Maybe the banksters did this so that Dear Leader Obama could use it to try to get his feeble-minded parasite supporters to vote for him in 2012. Obama IS an agent of the Banksters...How else does one become President of this Fascist hellhole?

  2. This is all staged... Buffet and Obama are going to make out like the bandits they are when taxpayer money goes to bailout BoA.

  3. Bow out of the whole silly game. Join a credit union and diversify your extra cash into physical precious metals.

  4. If BofA gets bought out after all of this, then we'll know the whole thing was nothing more than a ruse. You have the OWS protests who seem to hate the rich, you have the WH/Congress trying to raise taxes substantially and you have BofA doing some truly fantastical things to screw their customers.

    The socio-political atmosphere (at least the one that is broadcast) is seeming to mesh too perfectly to the government agenda for my liking. When that happens I tend to think that something's up.

  5. BofA is the perfect foil for the Facist State of America! We must Nationalize for the People!


    The link above is to an article at The Daily Bell analyzing some of the Occupy Wall Street videos that have recently come online, and points out that they are extremely slickly produced, with production values far higher than what is typical for such a "spontaneous" event. They tie it back to the "Arab Spring" movement that has toppled governments in the Middle East, and the influence of CIA agents in providing money, support and weapons. It gives the author pause, and makes him wonder if there isn't some deeper and more insidious organization behind these protests.

    They are obviously trying to marginalize the "End The Fed" and libertarian factions within the movement, and the "leaders" of the movement appear to have hidden and ulterior motives- several of them, in fact, appear to be ex-military.

    Several anecdotal reports from the various demonstrations point out that "End The Fed" and Ron Paul supporters have been pushed aside and demonized as troublemakers and infiltrators by the "leaders", with at least one case of a demonstrator finding himself targeted for violent reprisal for refusing to "toe the line" of socialist thought.