Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paul Ryan a Disciple of the Evil Cass Sunstein?

Among the never ending parade of interventionists that today visited, and were interviewed at the World Ideas Forum in Washington DC, was Congressman Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget committee. Don't mistake Ryan for a tax cutter, during his interview he called for an end to tax shelters so that other taxes could be cut. In other words, no cut in total taxes just a shifting of how taxes are paid. It's a scam that has been used forever by Republicans, including Ronald Reagan. In fact when Vice President Biden was interviewed at the Forum, he read a long pro-tax quote from Reagan.

Murray Rothbard called out the plugging of loopholes myth when it was introduced during the Reagan years:

Since the tax cut of 1981, that was not really a cut, taxes have gone up every single year, with the approval of the Reagan administration. But to save the president's rhetorical sensibilities, they weren't called tax increases. Instead, ingenious labels were attached to them; raising of "fees," "plugging loopholes" (and surely everyone wants loopholes plugged), "tightening IRS enforcement," and even revenue enhancements." I am sure that all good Reaganomists slept soundly at night knowing that even though government revenue was being "enhanced," the president had held the line against tax increases.
But in addition to the closing of loopholes scam and the ending of tax shelters scam, it gets worse.

It turns out that Ryan may be a disciple on the Obama Administration's Cass Sustein. This is what I wrote about Sunstein back in August:

Cass Sunstein, author of Nudge, believes in, well, "nudging" people in directions the government wants you to go in, through limited "choices". Think: "Do you want to get groped or go through a cancer causing naked body scanner?"
I consider him the most evil man in the Obama Administration for his promotion of his "nudge" pseudo options.

So what does Ryan want to place Obamacare with, free markets, personal choice and keeping the government out of healthcare? Huh, he wants to automatically enroll people via the income tax form in a government designed tax credit. Got that? yYou have an option, agree to Ryan's health terms, who you can visit, what medications will be allowed or you won't get the tax credit and your taxes will increase accordingly. Some choice. A totally evil Sunstein designed "nudge" which pushes you toward government approved health providers. In fact, David Leonhardt of the New York Times who interviewed Ryan at the forum, called Ryan out on it and said that it sounded like a Sunstein "nudge". And this is from the Republican side! From a so-called Tea Party congressman! I have called Sunstein an evil bastard because I believe that is exactly what he is. He is about control of the people in the most devious ways. To see Ryan adopting his tactics tells you how deeply Washington D.C. has been corrupted. Except for Ron Paul, they are all a bunch of micromanaging, opportunists that will likely collapse this country. Paul Ryan included.


  1. Granted, Cass Sunstein is a deranged wonk, but calling him the most evil man in the administration is hyperbolic.

    How many people has Cass Sunstein murdered? How many wars has he started? I think he's outclassed in the evil department by you-know-who.

  2. After reading about Susstein and his "Nudge" book I read up on him. He even claims, at times, to have "libertarian sympathies" and believe in "freedom"!!! Freedom to do what the gov't tells you to do, even if you have "options" in your choice.

    When I first started down the path of anarcholibertarian thought, one of my disagreements was with their opposition to educational vouchers. I had been reading "(T)Reason" magazine, and their eloquent defense of vouchers seemed, uh, "Reasonable". It took a while to see the insidious evil of such a seemingly intelligent compromise.

    Freedom is freedom is freedom. "Nudging" people to choose from "A" or "B" or "C" and calling it choice (screw the people who choose "F" or "U" or "K" since they're radicals) and is a perverse distortion of freedom.

    As Ron Paul's message spreads (and whether he wins or loses in 2012 is ephemeral- his ideas will percolate through society) the Power Elite will try to frame libertarian thought in terms Susstein is promoting.

    That is why he is one of the most dangerous, insidious and disgusting men in "power" today.

  3. Philemon, while I agree with your sentiment, please consider this-

    Imagine a president (or apparatchik) that has ordered the murder of millions, but that president frames libertarian ideals in "liberty friendly" but ultimately totalitarian terms, and is therefore far, far more dangerous in the long run.

    Imagine a "Ron Paul-verylite" who advocated freedom in certain areas but still held the view that "some" foreign intervention was "necessary", some domestic "control" was necessary and a "modified" gold standard (still controlled by the government, albeit more "democratically" than the FED) was "necessary" then soon we would be in a worse position than we are today- a "majority" could still call themselves "libertarian" since they supported "some freedom" and the REAL advocates for freedom could be marginalized.

    That is why Susstein is so dangerous- he co-opts "libertarian" language and concepts to make them palatable and friendly to the Elite.