Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is Geithner Now Running the EuroZone?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was interviewed late Wednesday afternoon in Washington D.C. at the 2011 Washington Ideas Forum.

During the interview Geithner said that it was "inexplicable" why banksters were "not appreciative" of Administration efforts on their behalf. He continued by saying, "I don't understand why they are so sensitive."

But despite this feeling of non-appreciation from the banksters, it doesn't mean he is going to stop bailing them out.

In other comments, Geithner made it clear that the US is now playing a role in the EuroZone crisis. "They invited us, through the IMF and currency swaps" Geithner said, and "We will have opinions."

Specifically, Geithner said the EuroZone "must act more forcefully."

Bottom line: The US is running the show in the EuroZone and the region will be flooded with funds to protect the banksters. Expect near global price inflation.


  1. Got Gold?

    The PIIGS must just be laughing...They would be stupid to pay back their loans.

  2. This is old news but maybe not to everybody. It sure helps make the case being a treasury perma-long may not be such a good thing:

    I very much need to express a concern of mine, something you've likely already identified, therefor my indulgence, if nothing else.

    I was listening to a free market/Austrian Economics (obviously NOT Limbaugh) guy on the radio this morning. I like this guy. I think he means well, so on and so forth, but I've heard him for the last time excuse The Bernank as ignorant, excuse Obama as ignorant. Basically, excuse nearly all politicians, and all economists who don't espouse free market principles as suffering some intellectual disability.

    ...It's horrible, the many so called free market proponents who diagnose our present affairs the manifestation of broad ignorance at the highest political and financial public stations! By design or out of their own stupidity, this slacks no wind from the intended objective we currently suffer underway.

    1600 SAT/155+IQ Bernanke can't grasp the finish of currency debasement, can't learn from the many experiments with fiat money? Angela Merkel whose doctorate thesis was on quantum chemistry is incompetent? Obama incompetent? Bush incompetent? Clinton incompetent? 155+ IQ Greenspan, a FORMER ardent supporter of true free markets doesn't get it either? Trichet incompetent? Draghi incompetent? This is manifestly ludicrous.

    I googled traits of a psychopath:
    • a disregard for the rights of others
    • a failure to feel remorse or guilt
    • a disregard for laws and social mores
    • a tendency to display violent behavior and emotional outbursts

    As the saying goes, "If the shoe fits, wear it!"

  3. But despite this feeling of non-appreciation from the banksters, it doesn't mean he isn't going to stop bailing them out.

    I think you have one too many negatives in there, RW.

    I think you meant to say

    "But despite this feeling of non-appreciation from the banksters, it doesn't mean he is going to stop bailing them out."

    With the "isn't", that's three negatives, (doesn't, isn't, stop), which is an odd number, which means two negatives cancel, and you're left with a single negative, which would mean that Geithner "doesn't" bail them out, or "isn't" going to bail them out, or he'll "stop" bailing them out.


    Mr. Appreciative of Your Blog Grammar Nazi