Thursday, October 20, 2011

Index of Leading Indicators Climbs

Leading economic indicators for the U.S. rose 0.2% in September, reports the Conference Board. The index has risen five straight months.

The latest increase was led by the rate differential between the 10-year T-note and fed funds. Positives were also seen in money supply, vendor performance, consumer expectations, and new orders for consumer goods.

Negatives were mostly in second tier leading indicators, a dip in housing permits, new orders for nondefense capital goods, stock prices, and initial jobless claims.

Jobless claims are starting to turn, the housing market still remains sluggish and the stock market is likely to turn positive, shortly.

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  1. Obamas stimulus and american jobs act is working!!! So much for bush and the republicans!! They cant do anything in office but start wars and cost the government trillions by cutting taxes for the top 1%. obama saved the 99%! Yes we can!