Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nigel Farage: "Wake up to the Misery You're Inflicting on Millions"

I'm not sure what Nigel Farage would offer as a solution, but you rarely see a politician tell it the way it is, as Frarge does in this must view clip.



  1. he does claim to be a libertarian.

    totally awsome dude anyways.

  2. UKIP want's lower tax rate (not abolish them completely).. they are soft libertarians (almost like Gary Johnson) but still for UK that would be like 1776 America!

  3. Nigel Farage is the only decent politician in the whole of Europe. All others are hacks!

  4. I like what Nigel is saying but there's something about him that gives me doubt.

  5. "there's something about him that gives me doubt."

    Uhhh, he's a politician. If it weren't for Dr Paul's 30+ year record of "doing the right thing" then I would have doubts about him too. Thank God he's been consistent in his defense of liberty!

    Farage seems to be the real deal too- he's been pretty outspoken during his time in Parlaiment on behalf of libertarian ideals. He's given his opponents hell during debates, and shamed them thoroughly!