Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nouriel Roubini's Money Losing Firm Is Up For Sale

Roubini Global Economics, the economics research firm begun by economist Nouriel Roubini, is for sale, according to sources who have been approached by an investment bank conducting an auction for the firm, reports David Faber at CNBC.

Faber goes on to report that according to people who have seen the offering book for the sale, the firm is projected to have revenues of $14 million this year and it will post a loss of roughly $2 million dollars, and projects eight percent revenue growth into next year followed by 40 percent revenue growth in 2013.

The firm has 85 employees.

Bottom line, there is just not that much demand for Keynesian forcasting firms or their services. If Peter Schiff were to sell his business, there would be suitors waiting outside the door, with big $$$$.


  1. Roubini failed the market test ;-)

  2. Where is that $14M coming from? LOL!
    Who would pay this bratty Keynesian actual money?
    It must be all taxpayer's money.

  3. My guess is he wants to do what many of us with businesses are trying to do and that is get out while the getting is good and the taxes are low. Once he has his money, he can hook up with the other wealthy people and demand higher taxes on anyone that tries to do what he did.

    The fact he is losing money but his revenues are growing is a big red flag. The one great thing about a consulting firm is that you pretty much make a p&l for each consultant and dump the dead wood before it costs you too much.

  4. That $14M must come from the FED somehow.....