Thursday, October 6, 2011

NYPD Goes Wild at Occupy Wall Street

While things were exceptionally peaceful at Occupy Washington DC on Thurdsday night, things were the exact opposite in New York City on Wednesday night.

And in Boston, they get the Fed is the problem (Note: raw anatomically difficult suggestions from the protesters in this video.)



  1. Lenin's useful idiots got a whoopin'

  2. It seems to me that no matter what the situation that started the club swinging in the first video, that swinging clubs randomly at anyone that is around especially when they obviously cannot move anywhere is a felonious response.

    And so the police state begins.

  3. This occupy wall street isn't even close to libertarian. This is the rise of fascism.

  4. One group of violent tax-feeders squares off against another. Whoever wins, we lose.

  5. Nice @ Anonymous at 11:37 AM. No doubt, tax consumers versus tax consumers. Can they beat each other and then we win? Hmmmm....