Sunday, October 16, 2011

'Occupy Wall Street' May Head to Florida for the Winter

EPJ has learned that some participants of Occupation Wall Street are promoting the idea of a move to Florida for the winter, or at least the start of winter.

The idea is to move Occupation Boston to NYC, as it gets colder. Then move Occupation Wall Street to Washington DC and then down to Florida. At some point, the Occupation would head across the south to California and then head back to the northeast in the Spring.

The promoters of this plan believe they can pick up more supporters as they crisscross the country and that the movement would be so large by the time it got back to the northeast that" no army would be able to stop" them.


  1. Nothing like sunny Florida in the winter.

    Maybe I'll see them when I return from traveling abroad.

  2. Hmph, they're like migrating birds. Though, they seem to have more in common with the Monarch butterfly. I am talking migration patterns, of course.

  3. Now they will be providing a service. We'll know cold weather is coming when they start migrating.

    This sounds like a crusade from the middle ages. Wondering the countryside for more knights and pillaging along the way.

  4. why not cuba?

    maybe we could organise a volunteer boat lift. a kind of reverse Mariel boatlift.

  5. I'm in Florida. When they get here I will join them! Thank goodness for our youth!