Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ron Paul on the People "Too Little to Worry About"

Before a sold out crowd at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., Ron Paul spoke today to the media and general public.

The interest from the media was so strong that NPC had to bring additional chairs into the media pen to seat the crowd, which already had 25 media seats set out for the event. In addition, more than a dozen video camera crews were present.

During his speech Ron Paul attacked the Fed and pointed out that since its founding, the economy has had 17 economic setbacks. He said the Fed, after these setbacks, comes in to bailout the elite, the Too Big To Fail (TBTF), and ignores the rest, those he deemed "Too Little to Worry About" (TLWA) by the Fed.

He said it was time to end this government intervention in the economy and stop the government-big business alliances. He said the current protests in the street reflect the frustration by youth with what is going on in America.

He also commented on the wars currently being waged by the United States and said that there is no chance of victory in Afghanistan for the US. He pointed out that no war has been declared in the US since 1941 and that President Obama has taken things even further by starting war in Libya without even announcing it.

When asked what he would do as President, he said one thing he would do is veto all bills where Congress attempts to bailout special interests.

He also pointed out that the budget could be slashed 70% by simply eliminating things in the budget that are unconstitutional.

He went on to point out that the economist Ludwig von Mises, in 1912, in the book, The Theory of Money and Credit, explained how the manipulations of the money supply by central banks caused the business cycle.

Dr. Paul closed by saying that he is about is bringing liberty back to the people and that the country is now on a very slippery slope away from liberty.


  1. Here is the video. I personally think it is one of his better speeches. Very nice flow and he made great points.

  2. youtube

  3. He really hit home runs today with the points he got across. He is appealing to the nostalgic part of every American - to a time when there was certainty, rule of law and when everything made sense.

    Ron is going to go quite far in his campaign. It will be interesting to see how the money interests try to reign him in.

  4. A sold out show put on by the National Press Club, who will go back to reporting on the names of campsites or the like.

  5. Regardless of what you think of the site and its bloggers, there is an entertaining discussion on Ron Paul in the comments section of yesterday's post on, titled "Christie".

  6. A historic speech.Dr.Ron Paul is the personification of what real America is all about.

  7. Thank you for the positive Ron Paul article. Please do more, especially speaking to his popularity across all classes and groups in America. He appears to be the candidate for the people, and the most trusted politician in government (if there is such a creature to be found, lol).