Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breaking: Ron Paul Raises $8 Million Plus in Third Quarter

Before the start of a scheduled speech at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., Ron Paul announced that in the third quarter his campaign raised over $8 million dollars and that the contributions continue to come from small individuals, not special interests.

He pointed out that his contributions are more important than corporate special interest contributions because his represent enthused people on the ground that will also help in his campaign, in addition to the contributions they make.

He also stated that he has received more contributions from the military than President Obama and he has received twice as much in contributions than all the other Republican candidates combined.


  1. The only candidate I have ever donated money to. I have participated in every money bomb thus far and I will continue to do so. Its the right thing for the country and more than likely our only hope of pulling America's nuts out of the fire.

    Ron Paul 2012

  2. Doesn't surprise me. It will just be one more thing for the MSM to say doesn't matter. I bet if Herman Cain raised 8 million it would be front page and all the talking heads would be all over it. Ron Paul does it you hear crickets.

  3. As well, this is the only candidate I have ever donated money to, and this is the first year I have ever done so. Only $20.12 earlier this year and $100 on his birthday, so far, though.

  4. "...rollin, rollin, rollin, keep the doggies rollin, rawhide...."

    Yea, that's what were talking about baby. Those six pack donations are piling up nicely.
    You bet boys that the neanderthals in the MSM are worried. Especially that blond dipstick on Fox.

  5. I read Paul has five times as many donors as Perry. FIVE TIMES!

  6. Of course they're worried- why do you think they studiously ignore him when they can, and belittle and attack him when they can't?

    They know that more individuals have donated to his campaign than all the rest combined- the rest get 90% of their cash from corps, banksters and the 0.1% that rule. They know that the polls are skewed to minimize him- if they asked ALL citizens- Rep, Dem or Ind- who they will DEFINITELY vote for, Ron Paul would win. The passion of his support his unmatched.

    If they gave him fair coverage, and accurately presented his views, then it would be a landslide of epic proportions. Too many of my leftist friends have come to me and told me that they (privately) support him, mostly due to his anti-big bank and anti-war views.

    He represents the little guys, the older workers, the poor, the middle class, the anti-war left and the anti-tax right, and exposes them to ideas that explain why their current situation is so shitty.

    I disagree with some of his views, but only on ephemeral issues that really don't matter when it comes to war, finances and the future of the country.


  7. goes for me too. only candidate I've ever given money to. it's the only other worthwhile investment out there other than metals!

    how about the frenzy surrounding Cain today since Christie and Palin announced they won't be's like every two weeks everything gets stirred up about how the field has finally shaped up. the election's over a year away! I'm hoping that they'll burn themselves out on this BS while Paul steams along, pulling in votes from all over the political spectrum.

  8. "...they'll burn themselves out on this BS..."

    Yes, and Cain is just more "BS". He's a (mock)conservative black man, and gives the media an "out" when it comes to the inevitable cries of "REPUBLICANS ARE RACIST" whenever 0bama is criticized.

    Perry has fizzled.

    M Bachmann is...well, this is a family blog, but her (and her "family") are...well, once again, it's a family blog. Crazy is too mild.

    Romney's belief-set (Moronism) and his socialist policies are unpalatable.

    The "mainstream" Republican field is weak, weaker than 0bama, and if they can get one of the above into the general election, a second term is almost assured.

    If that damned crazy old coot Ron Paul would just SHUTTHEF*CKUP then maybe the Power Elite could get on with their plans for us plebes! We need to get in line and let the educated people at Hahhvahhd and Goldman Sucks and Bank of Amerika do what needs to be done!

    I'm not convinced that Dr Paul can win- the Repuklican establishment will sabotage him at every turn, even if he wins the nomination. But, his chances get better and better each day as the "front-runners" crash and burn like the "BS" they are.

  9. Go Ron Paul 2012!!!!! He's the only recent candidate in either party.

  10. Imagine if campaign donations were only permitted in real money gold and silver coin.There will hardly be anyone left standing around to compete with the Ron Paul coffers.

  11. I wish a lot more of that money was with the Revolution Pac instead of the official campaign. I am far more impressed with the ideas and ads of the Revolution PAC than the actual campaign.