Thursday, October 13, 2011

Understanding 'Occupy Wall Street' in Terms of the Totalitarian Soviet Union

Lifted from the comments:

Yuri Bezmenov, the Russian defector who worked for Novosti Press, described this phenomenon very well in his middle 1980's interview with G. Edward Griffin. After a country has been completely demoralized for 15-20 years (the time it takes to brainwash 1 generation of students), then the destabilization process begins and all the sleepers, wacko intellectuals and backward socialists begin to mobilize. Of course, the Soviet Union is only indirectly responsible, I would say, at this point. Bezmenov pointed out that Americans have been brainwashing other Americans for a very long time. No outside power really corrupted us. It was our elite people in conjunction with the immoral and naive population who went along with it, accepting every stupid promise that was thrown to them by politicians stealing other people's money and freedom. Now the country has long been openly run by unelected people who possess the political power by buying off the government and "secretly" writing enormous bills to protect their strong monopolies. That is what brain dead Americans can never understand because it is contrary to what they were told their whole lives, starting with school. They don't understand that the government underwrites and enforces virtual monopolies because it has the legal power backed up by the guns and prisons. Break the power of the federal government (state government would be next!) so that monopolies of education, medicine, commerce, nearly everything can be broken and free individuals and corporations can compete, making the standard of living go up; especially because people will choose their own money and production will not be impeded.


  1. Ah, Bezmenov. Quite intriguing things you can learn from Soviet defectors. There is an argument to be made that we (the Western World) are in fact living out the consequences of Soviet subersive activity that happened many decades ago. While the Soviet Union collapsed, the Western World is now carrying its influence in the collective subconscious, and we are slowly destroying ourselves through having accepted all the fundamental tenets of communism. The only difference then becomes the fact that the Soviet Union was created by a violent revolution, and the Western Welfare Conglomerate is the corrupted, slowly degenerating carcass of what was once the high-point of civilization.

    Oh well, let's go watch some sports instead....

  2. You can watch that interview here:

  3. You can watch that fascinating interview here:

  4. I've often said that the Soviet Union won the Cold War. It may have collapsed, but it turned America NATO countries into socialist nations. That's as good as winning, if not better. Add to that the fact that the only Christian denominations not getting slaughtered in the media and culture at large are, in effect, Ideological State Apparatuses for the Sovietized government.

    Pope Pius XI said that one cannot be a Christian and a socialist. He was right, but several millions are trying to prove him wrong.

    -Silky Johnson

  5. @HPX, agreed. I believe it's called Fabian Socialism.

  6. I think that in 1913, two experiments were set off. One was violent revolution with immediate imposition of authoritarian communism in Russia. The other was the creation of the Fed in the US, and a gradual erosion of prosperity, property rights, the intellectual climate, etc. Whether this was planned from the top, I don't know.

  7. >> After a country has been completely
    >> demoralized for 15-20 years (the time
    >> it takes to brainwash 1 generation of
    >> students)

    I was sitting in Starbucks the other day, and a teenage high school student was (forced to be) reading a text book, "Profit Without Honor", all on the alleged evil of corporations and business.

    It's SURREAL to watch this kind of degenerative transformation happening right before my own eyes.