Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cain Names Koch-Approved VP Candidates

Speaking Thursday on "The Steve Gill Show," Herman Cain named Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Jim DeMint as potential running mates should he secure the Republican presidential nomination for the 2012 election.

I'm sure it's all a coincidence but Ryan and DeMint come with the Koch brothers seal of approval.

David Koch personally presented the "Washington Award" to Sen. Jim DeMint.

And, according to the Public Action Campaign Fund analysis, Ryan’s campaign and his leadership PAC have received $98,000 from Koch’s PAC and $2,500 from David Koch, directly.

Ryan also spoke at the Koch brothers Rancho Mirgae conference. As for Ryan's views on how to deal with healthcare and the economy. I recently discussed Ryan's apparent conversion to the evil bastard Cass Sunstein's nudge method of encroaching on America's freedoms.


  1. >only surprise is Cain, former Fed director and current Fed apologist,didn't throw out Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan as possible running mates.

    Fell off my chair the other night when he said Greenspan would be his ideal Fed Chairman. Thought he would say Volcker. That alone, plus his intro. of a consumption tax as 1/3 of 9-9-9 disqualifies Cain with me.

  2. Yeah, let's restore freedom and prosperity by electing less violent statist slavemasters! that'll work!

  3. This is a shrewd play for DeMint's very valued endorsement in early primary state.

    Even though Cain's an economic ignoramus it's obvious he's not so dumb in other areas.

  4. I thought DeMint was a big Tea Party advocate. Are you saying the Koch brothers are behind the tea party?

    SC voter