Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wenzel Gets Dissed by Henry Kissinger

In addition to Vice President Joe Biden being interviewed today at the Third Annual Washington Ideas Forum. Two first team war criminals took to the stage, Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney.

Kissinger, who has a major consulting business based on China,was pumping his new book, On China, and spewed loudly about the booming economic growth in that country. This despite the fact that there appears to be at least a business cycle down turn, or worse, if Vice President Biden is to be believed, developing in China. Outside of the babble about China, Kissinger seems to recognize a growing anti-war sentiment in the country. He correctly called it, "a US consensus building against American military abroad". Curiously, he seemed to consider this sentiment causing, what he called, a "contraction" of the country.

After he spoke and during a break, I went up and introduced myself, he listened intensely. Then I asked him if he detected any short-term downturn in the Chinese economy, thinking I would follow up with his view on Biden's comment on 30 to 50 million vacant apartments. But this is one sensitive war criminal, given other questions I could have asked him.

As soon as I asked my question about a possible short-term downturn in China, he mumbled with disgust on his face, "I don't want to talk about this," and walked away from me.

Cheney was up next and was interviewed by his daughter.

It is even more difficult listening to Cheney in person, than it is on television. His superiority complex is even more irritating in person.

During the interview, he went into a justification of enhanced interrogation, and said he supported the assassination of Anwar Al-Awlaki, but questioned the Obama Administration's criticism of enhanced interrogation, given that it's Obama that assassinated an American.

He said he supported drone strikes and said his great fear is that the military budget might be cut.

He also said he was involved in President's Nixon's implementation of wage and price controls, but doesn't put that on his resume. Paul Wolfowitz, who sat in the front row, laughed when Cheney said this. In fact, during most of the interview Wolfowitz sat in nodding approval of what Cheney said and laughed whenever Cheney said something that the two of them apparently thought was funny. And there it was, banksters and war criminals laughing amongst themselves, having a good time.


  1. Kissinger is a demon in human clothing and a truly despicable man. Cheney is top 20 next to him. Biden is........merely comic relief to the other two.

  2. "As soon as I asked my question about a possible short-term downturn in China, he mumbled with disgust on his face, "I don't want to talk about this," and walked away from me."

    Wouldn't want to hurt his book sales by being idly challenged by a mere prole.


    They're creepy and they're kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    They're all together ooky,
    The Addams Family.

  4. Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney: Hahahahahahahahahah....we've killed millions! Hahahahahahah...people we let live are in far more misery because of us...hahahahahah

    Reporter to murderers: Sirs, did it ever occur to you people you just might go to Hell?

    Kissinger and Cheney: We don't want to talk about this.