Thursday, November 3, 2011

'60 Minutes' Ambushes Pelosi and Boehner

There is a segment of Congressional members that trade in stocks related to legislation before them.

It appears that Steve Kroft of '60 Minutes' is going after them. Here he is ambushing Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner:


  1. Pelosi wouldn't admit that there is a conflict of interest. She just denied that she would "do such a thing." Pfft.

    Beohner wouldn't admit the conflict of interest either, he just denied having day to day control over his account. Yeah, but I bet his broker called him up, and Boehner said "Blue Horseshoe loves insurance industry public option debt" before the vote outcome was publicized and all the cronies let each other know their votes so that they can call their brokers. Double pfft.

    Boehner says the SEC has rules for members of the House when it comes to insider trading. Yeah, except they don't. Members of Congress are exempt from insider trading laws.

  2. Aren't members of congress exempt from Insider Trading Laws?

  3. Maybe they'll do away with the SEC now....something tells me "no".

  4. Anyone find it interesting that 60 minutes goes after House members? What about the Senate? Dianne Feinstein comes to mind as the Queen of Insider Trading. Seems to me I have heard some refer to her as Senator Warbucks.

  5. There are rules, and members do follow them... what a weaselly response. Tacitly taking credit for others doing what they all should be doing.

    C'mon ppl, some members of congress follow the rules, so lay off, eh?

    Further evidence that they view the rules they make as applying only to a selective subset, but rarely if ever, to themselves.

  6. When is a politician lying?