Thursday, November 3, 2011

And Now a Word from Your 'Independent' Local News Anchor

The clip gets insightful at the 1:10 mark.

Is it any wonder that the elitist can push out any message they want via MSM?


  1. Wow! Yep, we sheeple are being led.

    But, who is the shepherd?

  2. All the teleprompters are now on the internet and their server is at the Ministry of Truth. This must be what Pravda was like.

  3. Why anybody of average intelligence would believe a word that these people say is beyond me. It is almost as if the TV automatically disables a person's ability to think critically.

    One of the biggest criticisms that I hear about the internet is, "oh, you don't know those people, they could just be lying." As if to say that anything and everything on TV is TRUTH. No, you don't know those people either, and guess what? They can lie just as easily. And, if they do lie, there is no recourse. What are you going to do, switch to another channel that they own?

    I've learned that if you automatically assume that everything that comes from your TV is either make-believe or BS, you'll do just fine. That's why I have far greater respect for shows like 'Family Guy', 'The Simpsons', 'Robot Chicken', etc. Because, theirs no ambiguity or pretense, they're the most honest shows on TV.

  4. Creepy. Anybody else notice the giant gold-coin looking thing next to Andy at the end. Mmmm gold.....

  5. They are simply reading what the PR people for Conan's Show put out there. I'd be willing to bet that they all read the same "advertisement" script. This should be a wake up call for anybody who watches the regular 6:00 o'clock news, MOST of what you see is written for the talking heads in this fashion. I did a little time for a well known game show and saw how these "news clips" are put together, complete with video and a timed script for the local "correspondent" so it sounds like they are actually reporting on "news" that they've researched. With enough money and planing you could literally put ANY story you want on the news, buyer beware.
    Don't be a sucker, read,, and

  6. As the Koreans say, it's always darkest under the lamp.
    The hipsters thought they were just watching "the news".
    Little did they suspect that there ain't nothing new under the sun or the stage lights.
    Can we say indoctrination?
    How about propaganda?
    That would be too blatant.
    Never mind. Go back to sleep now. We'll tell you when you can get up from your nap.

    (Um, dumb question I know, but if it really was a marriage, why the "same sex" prefix?
    Oh, I know. The great unwashed can't figure it out until we make it explicit.)

  7. I hadn't even heard of the expression 'push the envelope' before now!

  8. The legal "DEFINITION" of LEGAL "wedding" or "marriage" is between a man and a woman. Not a same sex couple. It's not a sense of humor you OR this show are talking about. It's changing the definition of Marriage.

    I really don't care if Gays are together. That's their business. But when they try to redefine the legal definition of Marriage it's wrong. Why DON'T they come up with another word with the same rights? Why must the gay agenda redefine the definition of marriage?

  9. Marriage is between man and woman. There is no marriage between homosexuals, no matter how much they may want it to be.

    My dad always told me that Hollywood is sin city, and he was so right!

  10. Well, if the state didn't dictate who could marry, and it was left up to the church or private contract, then this would not be an issue. I could marry the man I love, in my very supportive church, and there wouldn't be a damn thing anyone could do or say.

    People that believe that marriage has always been the exclusive province of hetereosexuals, or of the church, are ignorant of history. The early Catholic church performed same-sex marriages routinely up to the middle ages.

    RW- when I posted a link to this a few days ago in the comments I hoped you would see it. When a mindless, supine media just regurgitates the press releases from the Conan show it's scary- when they do the same for the FED, or the Pentagram, it's treasonous.