Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Altucher Taunts Connecticut Police

James Altucher writes in the type of piece that he is becoming known for:
One time I was standing in Victor Niederhoffer’s house at a party looking at a painting someone made of him and his father and I was thinking, “how come my family connections are not so strong? Did this prevent me from holding onto my success?” And how come nobody gave me a chance, like George Soros gave to him? Suddenly I got in the “I can’t succeed” mode. I got in a bad mood and even left the party. Once I left the party I immediately got stopped by a cop and given a ticket. I still owe Connecticut on this ticket. Probably with interest. Come and get me, Connecticut!

Most of his article, though in not about his taunting police, it is about overcoming the "I can't succeed" problem and an interesting observation on the brain's self protection mechanism. You can read it here.

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