Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buffett Buys $10.7 Billion Stake in IBM

And IBM isn't even getting a government bailout!

The multi-billion dollar stock purchase is equal to 5.4 percent of the outstanding shares of Big Blue.

Looks like he really likes this one.


  1. Don't worry, IBM does well enough eating at the government trough to avoid the need for a direct bailout:



  2. Oh god. Here comes another holocaust.

  3. This isn't exactly a hard pick. IBM performs stellarly though economic downturns and upturns. However, its not exactly a bargain either and certainly does not meet his often stated preference of buying under priced extremely cash flow positive businesses. I honestly think the old coot has lost his mind. The stuff he says at shareholder meetings and to the media is just getting more bizarre by the week. Personally I have zero respect for the man. He is a hypocrite extraordinaire.

  4. Boy, I wonder who handles most of the mainframe systems for government net-security, or who is responsible for much of the "off-the-shelf" hardware used by both the military and the security-industrial complexes. Connected capitalists typically make their investments before the "event", whatever it may be.

    Somethings going down...

  5. IBM gets most of their revenue via government gun-n-jail-backed taxpayer theft...As global fascism grows stronger, Buffet will profit from his stakes in fascist companies.

  6. You people need to read IBM's 10k and you'll understand that IBM does not get that much money from public sector. Most of their revenue comes from outsourcing on a global scale and most of their profit comes from selling middleware software. I wish government's outsourced more since it would drive down operating costs and the desire to expand agencies, but we all know they don't since their workers would never get the easy jobs and luxurious comp plans they have.

    Anyhow, IBM is probably the most well diversified company on the planet in the IT space. Their revenues literally come from every sector with no sector making up a significant amount of their revenue. Their fastest growth is coming from the BRIC countries (22%) with North America a distant second.