Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There's a Brand New Way to Get on Ben Bernanke's Nerves

According to Megan Duffield of SilverCircle, notepad rants are everywhere.

Here's one (Click on the pic for larger view):

Megan emails to say that SilverCircle is running a "notepad rant" contest. She writes:
The prize for the best notepad rant is 1 oz. of .999 Rebel Silver! Send entries to blog@silvercirclemovie.com
The contest runs through the end of November.


  1. Well. Just wait people if the Surpeme court decide to think the H C bill is Constitution, they better be prepared for our Military and Vet and those who believe in our Constitution will more likey we will end up in a civil war and take back to gov't. They can't for get.We The People and our Military will defeat our Consituition. Listen to FLA GEN A. Pam B.she state if S C decides the govt has right to tell us how to life. And have a king and qreen ( dictatorship ) which u and I know we will win. Gee only 236yr old country the RED BABY are trying to take our freedom. God bless America

  2. Toman299, I would be willing to consider your ideas if you could translate them into english.