Sunday, November 13, 2011

CBS Has Gone Positively Mad

After giving Ron Paul only 90 seconds out of a 3,600 seconds debate that was hosted by CBS and the National Journal, in the summary of the debate, CBS writes with a straight face:
[Ron Paul's] goal is also to get his ideas into the public sphere, and on that front this debate was an unqualified success for him.


  1. The British call this 'taking the piss'. It is clearly meant as a raspberry to all the Ron Paul fans bearing stop watches.

    They have lost the debate; that is why they are putting their fingers in their ears and chanting, "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA" like children.

    If you people think this is bad, you are not in any way prepared for a 100% state controlled mass media, which will be an inevitable consequence of the economic collapse, at least in the short term.

    Ron Paul understands what is happening; this is why he produced his message to America, where he says that when the collapse comes, it will be left to us to clean up the mess.

    Ron Paul has left a legacy of recordings and writings that will continue to resonate for years. He is thinking in terms that many of his followers simply cannot grasp; long term, trans-generational terms.

    This election on its own is meaningless. For the cause of liberty, it is better that America as it was dies, and then is reborn as a free country.

    Either way, business as usual is off the table, and do not expect to hear the truth from the Mainstream Media. They have very rarely told the truth, and on those occasions where they have, it is an aberration.

  2. As a newspeak organization, CBS is simply carrying out its mandate to promote the "public interest", as that term has been carefully and lovingly defined by love experts within the CIA.

    Big Brother loves CBS and CBS loves Big Brother.

    By the way, have you ever noticed that the CBS logo is a great big eye, watching you?

  3. Pravda couldn't have said it any better.

  4. Their gall is only exceeded by their stupidity and arrogance.

  5. I know that only the first hour was televised, but did anyone watch the remaining half hour, that was only online? Did Ron Paul get more airtime?

  6. Anonymous@12:28 PM,

    I tend to agree with your statement in general.

    The only addition I personally would make is get ready for "Murder, Inc." to pull out all the stops until such time, as this seems to be the trend and its modus operandi.....

  7. It is true that CBS only gave Paul 89 seconds of speaking time and that they also pulled their own online poll once it was clear that Ron Paul was winning by a landslide. But, what pissed me off about this debate even more is the fact that during a supposed debate on foreign policy, CBS silenced the only military veteran on the stage on Veteran's Day weekend! Further, Paul gets more military/veteran support than all of the other GOP candidates combined. Essentially, what CBS did was not only silence Paul, but they silenced all of his veteran supporters during a weekend when we are all supposed to be supporting our veterans. Instead, we got neocon pieces of shit, who've never served a day of their life in the military, telling us how they are going to move the pawns in a global game of chess (murder).

    As a veteran myself, I found this completely appalling. It is like CBS just told the military/vets, "shut up little pawns and do as you are told by your overlords."

  8. Jesse Benton the RP campaign manager is writing open letters to protest the MSM bias against RP.
    Its like throwing rocks against tanks expecting them to burst into flames.Crude,simplistic and naive approach against the most perfect monolithic,mega-maniacal elitist owned corporate propaganda machine ever devised in history.
    There are surely some brilliant minds and strategists out there, who must help the PR campaign climb into public visibility with distinction.

  9. I hold as much contempt for CBS as the next guy, but . . .

    I'm about half way through the debate, and if you consider eliminating foreign aid, or bringing the troops home from Afghanistan to be 'ron paul ideas,' then the debate actually was a success.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand the other candidates are merely paying lip service to the libertarian side of the GOP. But they're paying lip service because of Ron Paul.

  10. One has to wonder if they actually believe their own lies.

  11. Great comments... as I said on "another" blogger's site (in effect), "when history is recorded (all the internet records, etc.) certain journalists (bloggers) will be memorialized and vindicated for their truth in reporting and their warnings against the inherent evils of governments...) Bob Wenzel will be listed amongst those who, like the "first" press, tried to keep the common man informed.

  12. Are you all starting to feel owned?
    The Global Political/Banker Terrorists/Your Owners are not even trying to hide themselves anymore.

  13. Ah grasshopper,

    THE truth in all of this is that the harder they try to muzzle Dr Paul the stronger they make his case and the wider they spread his appeal. Everything they do has the exact opposite effect they intend, and in their great hubris they are exposing themselves as shallow, self serving, criminals.

    They look upon the average American with great distain and call us sheeple, conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat wearers, traitors, and domestic terrorists. They do this because they know they have lost control and their world is inexorably and relentlessly coming to an end. They are scared as hell!!!

    The one thing they have no defense against is the TRUTH. They are learning that those who think the good guys always finish last have simply not stayed around long enough to see the real finish.

    Be of good cheer grasshopper, something wonderful is about to happen...

  14. Although on my local news this morning, the anchor woman in discussing the debate, named two of the neocons, I forget who, and Ron Paul. Something like Ron Paul said we need a Congressional declaration of war, not sure what to make of that.

  15. Joseph - as much as it hurts, the truth is, the veterans were and the current active military are just pawns. Sacrificial meat, stupid enough to sell themselves into slavery to the ruling caste, to be brainwashed, to be punished for daring to disobey, to kill and be killed, - all for a heap of tall tales about "honor" and "service". So expect nothing other than contempt from the overlords.

  16. In the online portion of the debate Ron Paul made a 60 second comment, then 4 candidates responded in attempts to refute him.

    You absolutly MUST read what is up on the website about what went on at the debate. It was a total Paul love-fest, contrary to what you saw in TV.