Monday, November 28, 2011

The DNC Could Never Run an Ad Like This Against Ron Paul

The Democratic National Committee is out with a vicious, but true, youtube attack ad against Mitt Romney and his many flip flops.

Contrast the flip flopper with Ron Paul:


  1. Ron Paul in the 80s: "Lets have open borders."

    Ron Paul 2011: "Lets limit freedom and keep the Mexicans out by wasting tax payer money to build a giant useless fence."

    Whoever created that video should have done his research.

    Also, why did they include the a clip of Ron Paul in 1983 embarrassing himself when he predicted a depression that didn't happen?

  2. The more viable Paul becomes as an actual main stream candidate the more virulent the attacks against him will become, people should prepare themselves for just about *anything*:

    Let's not forget what happened last election cycle:

    It sickens me to imagine the kinds of attacks some people probably already have on the drawing board.

  3. Um, but Ron Paul really did say that; a border fence would be a colossal waste of taxpayer money AND it would limit freedom for Americans.

    Do you trolls even read what you write or is a basic concept like sarcasm totally alien to you?

  4. @Doktor Sleepless

    Those aren't quotes and just because you put them in quotes doesn't make them so.

    Ron Paul's stance is open borders without subsidizing illegal immigration by providing free health care, education, housing, food, etc.

    Ron Paul, just weeks ago during a debate, was the only candidate that said putting up a fence was a ridiculous idea and it could be used as much to keep people in as keep them out.

    Additionally, Ron Paul predicted the current problems and if you had any integrity you'd know that just by doing one search on youtube.

    You are Sleepless because your conscience, whatever there is left, is attacking you for being a liar.

  5. Your second quotes doesn't even justify your argument. Apparently if Ron is against government regulation of our freedom and is willing to have "open borders" he would say lets keep them out by "wasting tax payer money." If you're gonna twist his words do it carefully. I think it is you who needs to do the research my friend.

  6. You have completely embarressed yourself you stupid ass hole. Limit whose freedom? The Mexicans who don't legally belong here. It not about research it's about having a fucking brain and knowing common sense. How about we spend the tax payers money on undeclared, unconstitutional wars that were not even winning. Read a newspaper every now and then and get the status of our economy. Think before you speak you uneducated, worthless, puke. RON PAUL 2012

  7. Oh, so you guys are telling me now that Ron Paul says things that completely contradict his actions? That's even worst!

    Ron Paul voted FOR a bill that builds a 700 mile fence along Mexico.

    "Limit whose freedom? The Mexicans who don't legally belong here. "

    If I want to hire some Mexicans for my own private business, who are you to tell me I can't? Stop limiting my freedom to hire who I want you statist.

  8. Doktor, "Ron Paul's stance is open borders without subsidizing illegal immigration by providing free health care, education, housing, food, etc.".

    Read before you hate, moron.

  9. I've loved Ron Paul since I saw what was happening to my business as a mortgage originator back in 2006. But, Denninger is right about this:

    Isn't he?

    Just posting this b/c I'm hoping there is a conversation that could be had here to further clarify beyond what I was able to gather in the comment section of the above link

  10. Jah, as RP has said at least 100 times since September 2008. Enforce the law.

  11. @ Jah

    Some of that makes sense, some not so much.

    1) The Fed is incapable of making a stable currency
    (saying they are is like saying the reason communism doesn't work because the governments haven't done what they are supposed to do. You are putting too much power and money into the hands of a few)

    2) How is the Fed going to make stable prices? By distorting the market? This doesn't do anything good in the long run. And who is to say what corn, gas, wheat, gold, cotton, steel, ipads, labor, etc. should cost? The free market or the government? What if the cost of ipads goes down and there is a very bountiful crop of corn and wheat? Should the government inflate just to make it appear like the prices haven't changed?

    3) He thinks currency is more stable with the Fed which is complete nonsense. Ever hear of the Great Depression? Did the Fed make currency stable then? How stable is it now? The only stable currency is gold. The only reason is has blown up is because most investors didn't own it, then inflation became a concern and all of a sudden investors, central bankers, etc started realizing its value again. Then there was inflation so the price went up in terms of the less valuable dollars. If it was a commonly used currency, this wouldn't happen. Demand would always be high and supply relatively the same and the value would be very constant as it always was in the past.

    4) The one thing he is right about is enforcement of laws. But not all laws are good or beneficial. The problem is the government doesn't enforce laws that limit their own power or the actions of their cronies. The rule of law only applies to their subjects. That needs to change