Monday, November 28, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI Charged for Not Wearing Seatbelt

A German man, name not public, has filed charges against Pope Benedict XVI for failing to use a seat belt while touring Germany on an official visit in September.

Attorney Christian Sundermann confirmed that the complaint was filed with authorities in Freiburg, the southern German city that was Benedict’s last stop during his German visit, according to the newspaper Der Westen, reports WaPo.

Let's hope the Pope doesn't, ahem, buckle on this and fights the German state which is the ultimate enforcer of this law that does nothing but take one tiny freedom away from Germans and visitors---in a long series of freedoms (not to mention money) taken by the state.


  1. This is a question of values. What do you value more:

    - Not being ridiculous.

    - The principle that the law applies equally to everyone, even the pope.

    In my opinion, the correct course of action if you think the pope should not be fined is to change the law, not to ignore it. Also, you are free to pay the fine on the pope's behalf if you think he shouldn't be fined.

  2. The law is ridiculous period. Stupid laws, and the state in general, should be ignored. Why would Robert or I pay a fine that we believe is unjustified?

  3. I though God was his seatbelt....
    Can you see him arguing that in German court?
    He would probably win.