Monday, November 28, 2011

Former US Treasury Official: German Bond Auction Failure Likely Orchestrated by US and EU

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, writes today at
The day prior to Thanksgiving also brought another extraordinary development--the failure of a German government bond auction, an unparalleled event.

Why would Germany, the only member of the EU with financial rectitude, not be able to sell 35% of its offerings of 10-year bonds? Germany has no debt problems, and its economy is expected by EU and US authorities to bear the lion’s share of the bailout of the EU member countries that do lack financial rectitude.

I suspect that the answer to this question is that the failure of the German government’s bond auction was orchestrated by the US, by EU authorities, especially the European Central Bank, and private banks in order to punish Germany for obstructing the purchase of EU member countries’ sovereign debt by the European Central Bank.

The German government has been trying to defend the terms on which Germany gave up control over its own currency and joined the EU. By insisting on the legality of the agreements, Germany has been standing in the way of the ECB behaving as the US Federal Reserve and monetizing the debt of member governments.

From the beginning the EU was a conspiracy against Germany. If Germany remains in the EU, Germany will be destroyed. It will lose its political and economic sovereignty, and its economy will be bled in behalf of the fiscally irresponsible members of the EU.

PCR's charges have a ring of truth to them. As I wrote yesterday:
France and Germany are planning a quick new pact on budget discipline that might persuade the European Central Bank to ramp up its government bond purchases, Welt am Sonntag reports...

The recent failure of the German debt auction has changed the tune of German Chancellor Merkel and she is now in line as an inflationist in addition to her demands for a more centrally planned eurozone.
It is still not clear to me what Merkel's role personally is in all this. An orchestrated German bond fail may just be the political cover she needed to push through ECB money printing among other German officials. A top bankster told me some time ago that heavy pressure has been put on Merkel to stay in line with the banksters and at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council, World Bank president Robert Zoellick stated that he had been to Germany twice in the last three weeks and that he believed Germany was fully on board and committed to maintaining the current eurozone. When he said "Germany", I took it to me Merkel. Thus, a staged event makes sense, given the general attitude among the Germans against money printing. As for Merkel, herself, she may be more of  a bankster tool rather than a German . Remember, the banksters replaced the heads of Greece and Italy with obvious bankster operatives, the banksters would not hesitate to do the same in Germany, if it was necessary.

Whatever the details, the banksters appear to have succeeded in getting the ECB money printing machine going.


  1. When will the Drama stop .when nuclear Energy is not Depended on ? All the great Thinkers in the World ! I am dumb but not stupid and I know if some one sticks a gun in my kids face they are not gonna like the out come !But some one smiles at me I am going to give them some respect .I can not wait to die because you all are not making my life happy !

  2. Basically, this entire scenario is similar to what happened when the then Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, moved to consolidate the war debt of the states/former colonies into a national debt, assumed by the Federal Government, after the American Revolution.

    When such debt is consolidated at a national level, you, of course, need a higher level of national taxes to service this debt. As the central government usurps the taxing authority of the states, you can say goodbye to local/ state autonomy. You can also say goodbye to local budgetary authority.

    What we are seeing in Europe is simply the same consolidation of a national (in this case, super-national) empire that was seen in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, except on a MUCH more rapid basis.

  3. Merkel was always in line as an inflationist...They needed a black flag event to get the german sheeple in line as inflationists/tax slaves.

  4. This clearly means that if Ron Paul is elected in 2012, they'll do the same with US bond auctions as well to undermine him.

    Therefore, I say Obama 2012! Hasten the collapse.

  5. I'm at the point where it's like "whatever." I can't keep track of these elites and their schemes. The bottom line is still that government controlling currency is a bad idea.