Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gold Up $30; Oil Climbs Over $100 per Barrel; Dow up 400 Plus

Prepare yourself for some serious price inflation. If "liquidity" is provided to global markets in any size, the price inflation ramification will be huge (not to mention that Bernanke is already printing at over 15% plus)

For the record, the Dow Industrial Average is up today over 400 points to 11,969. Gold is at $1,748 up $29.50. Oil has, again, broken the $100 price mark and is trading at $100.60 a barrel. Copper is up 5.5% to $3.58 per pound (hang on to your nickels which are made up of 80% copper)and silver is at $32.75 an ounce, up 2.5%.

The above price points are the starting point, when the price inflation really heats up these prices will only be fond memories.

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