Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News for Ron Paul: Cain May Leave Race

Herman Cain is in the process of reviewing whether to stay in the race for the White House, according to a report by AP.

According to AP, Cain made the told his campaign staff the news today in a conference call. The review comes after Ginger White accused him of having a 13-year affair with her that ended just before he began his presidential bid.

One would think that Cain leaving the race would put more focus on Ron Paul versus Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Cain ran as an outsider. Many Cain supporters are thus likely to find Ron Paul a more attractive candidate than the flip flop man or the lobbyist.


  1. This is good news for Newt, bad news for Ron Paul. Ron Paul needs Cain in the race to dilute the warmonger vote, thus giving Paul the best chance to win outright in Iowa and finish second in New Hampshire.

  2. @Jerry

    That makes no sense. First off, They are all Warmongers except for Ron Paul. Secondly, Herman Cain got Tea Partiers that won't vote for either Romney or Newt so now they will ONLY have Ron Paul.

    This benefits Ron Paul ONLY because he was already leading in Iowa and now will move well above the small percentage lead he had to a much more statistically significant lead.

  3. Another one bites the dust, Newt will self immolate as well, and it will be Paul and Romney.

  4. yep, I agree 100% Jerry....it's too bad Reverend Sexy looks like he may be packing it up...most of his support will go to Slimy Newt.

  5. Not true, everyone who drops out now will concentrate more attention on Ron Paul. Santorum, Huntsman and Bachmann will be gone after New Hampshire if not before. Ron Paul can take on Perry, Romney and Gingrich easily - Perry and Gingrich are massive liabilities given their shady past and Romney will always be a panderer

  6. The question is whether more Cain voters will defect to Paul or to Gingrich. Here's how I see it:

    Most Cain voters are 'anti-Romney'
    Some Cain voters are 'establishment'
    Some Cain voters are 'anti-establishment'
    There are far more Cain voters who are 'establishment' than 'anti-establishment'.
    Cain previously said he'd consider Gingrich for VP.

    Therefore, Gingrich will benefit far more than Paul or Romney from Cain's inevitable falling out. As a side note... if Cain does drop out, watch for his endorsement of Gingrich shortly thereafter.

    Here's hoping Cain stays in for a while at least until Iowa, NH, and SC are done!

  7. Newt will self destruct by June.

  8. Recently the ghost of Thomas Jefferson appeared to me and asked that I pass on the following message:


    Shame on you the leaders of America who have taken my country to the point of destruction with your modern two party one monopolistic elite establishment that robs the people of their wealth to satisfy the groups of special interest that finance and control you. Shame on you the mass media for serving as the mechanism to make this possible. And shame on you the people who have accepted this fate while being marched like sheep to the destruction of our country and your own well being.

    Did I, and others, not warn you of the problems that would result from a large bureaucratic federal government, foreign escapades and entanglements, and banker control of our economy? Shame on you the American people who I envisioned to serve as a shining light by setting a good example for the rest of the world. Shame on you for instead producing, following, and taking seriously, big government spending flip flopping leaders such as Obama, Romney, Gingrich, and a Congress composed of self-serving scoundrels.

    With deep sadness I have watched this process develop for many decades but I cannot remain silent any longer for if you don’t hear the bell of Liberty ringing now I fear that you will have given up America as we have known it for more than 200 years.

    Therefore I appeal to the political leaders who still have a conscience to support one of the few leaders left who supports the Constitution and the rightful course for America’s recovery- RON PAUL. Many of you know better and need to decide if you will go down in history as a fellow patriot or be among those who sold out your country during one of its greatest times of need.

    To those of you belonging to perhaps the most important profession responsible for preserving our great democratic Republic – journalism, I plead the case of equal coverage and time for the one true patriot in your current presidential race – Ron Paul. Many of the “debates” that I have seen resemble the promotion of certain candidates over others in a dictatorship.

    To the people I plead to awaken before endless wars, bankruptcy, and Great Depression result in bitterness, anger, frustration, and violence against one another, which will destroy you into a 3rd world banana republic heavily equipped in arms but left with no spirit, no civil rights, and massive poverty from which it will be very difficult to recover. The final bell rings for preserving your Liberty by uniting under presidential candidate Ron Paul.

    I appeal to the American people to unite under Ron Paul so that recovery can begin now, as maintaining the present course will no doubt lead to catastrophe and disaster within the next four years.

    Yours in Liberty,
    Thomas Jefferson

  9. I sure hope you guys are right, but Newt is making me nervous. It's insane to me that anyone would give him a second look, the guy is a PROVEN liar and crook, he is a complete fear-monger and a lover of war.

  10. I don't see Huntsman dropping out anytime soon. In fact, if Cain drops out, it might benefit Huntsman more than it does Paul. And I'm a Ron Paul supporter.

  11. Cain attorney Linn Wood told AP: "Any report that Mr. Cain has decided to withdraw his candidacy is inaccurate."

  12. Watch out for Perry. If Cain drops out, I predict the Newt bashing continues this month and the Cain/Newt/Evangelical vote swings back to Perry's direction...just in time for a surprise finish in Iowa.

  13. Cain is done now lets focus on Gingrich and Romney again. The quicker we keep poking holes in these Rothschild/Rockefeller machine phonies the better.

    spread the gingrich-pelosi global carbon tax propaganda:


  14. It's impossible to know how any of these things will specifically affect the future of the other candidates. Most people answering the polls are still just spouting back the candidate's name their moms, friends, or the MSM gave them.

    The one thing you can take from this is there is a very high probability that Cain is now finished. It could just be another example of Cain's campaign's ineptitude, but normally, admitting that you're thinking about quitting will cause those few people still following you to give up. Cain may be testing to see if his supporters will beg him to stay and pony up a bunch of money as if he's Ron Paul, but I think Cain has few supporters that are that fervent.

    The above comments have a good point about the vote of the warmongers. Ron Paul has to market his foreign policy ideas to educate the public. He's running out of time on this. The neocons' entire terrorism "strategy" is so stupid, that it should be attacked, and even mocked openly in commercials. It almost seems like the Ron Paul campaign is just hoping people will forget about the issue and prioritize the economy. However, as Robert has pointed out numerous times in these pages, we are in beginning phase of a short-term, Fed-generated boom. There will be accompanying inflation, but people may react more relative to their believe that the economy is "recovering" over the robbery of the inflation (which will be underreported by the government).

    Bush, Obama, and their backers have all fallen for the asymmetric warfare trap. The terrorists executed it beautifully. The U.S. has pissed away its resources in a massive way in a war it can't win without annihilating the rest of the planet. In the late 13th century, Andrew Moray and William Wallace of Scotland were executing a brilliant asymmetric warfare campaign against King Edward I of Britain. That campaign ended after the brains of the duo, Andrew Moray, died from wounds received at the battle at Sterling Bridge. A few months later, Wallace got his ass handed to him at Falkirk because he fought the English on their terms: a full-on pitched battle.

    The neocons' strategy on terrorism wants to pretend that the terrorists will make Wallace's mistake and somehow amass in a giant pitched battle that will lead to their ultimate defeat because the U.S. would win that battle in a heartbeat. That's not going to happen because the terrorists aren't that stupid. So, given that, how could the neocons' strategy ever work?

    It can't. It's idiotic, and we should end it now.

  15. Jerry is right...I don't view this as good news for Ron Paul. Most of Cain's support will go to Newt and Newt would most likely take Iowa with Cain out of the picture. Ron Paul needs Iowa to get the campaign rolling.

    @Anon 1:28, that is exactly the point. Yes they are all warmongers. I don't think you realize that they hate Paul and have a mere distaste for Newt and Romney. They would rather suck it up and go for those two than vote for a candidate willing to tell them that they are delusional about foreign policy.

  16. Jerry is right, this hurts Ron Paul.

    What's curious to me is whether this is being organized by the RNC. They want Romney and fear Paul. Are they purposely picking off contenders before Iowa just to make sure Ron Paul can't win Iowa, NH, or SC? Once the momentum is started for Romney he'll be hard to beat.


  17. Herman Cain had the idiot vote. Those voters aren't going to Ron Paul. That would have to mean they know how to search for topics or people on the internet.

  18. Ron Paul will certainly benefit if Herman Cain drops out. The Tea Party voters are not going to support the poster boys for what's wrong with Washington. Now in the general election they might hold their nose and vote for who they think will win but in a primary they will vote to send a message and on principle. To do otherwise would brand them hypocrites of the worst sort.

  19. @Anon 3:45, I've been involved with a number of Tea Party groups from a leadership position. I believe you will find that enough of them ARE hypocrites...of the worst sort.