Monday, November 7, 2011

The Idiots Guide to Corrupting Congressmen

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff explains on 60 Minutes how he corrupted Congress.

Bottom line:When you create power centers, there are people like Abramoff who know how to get at those power centers. The only solution is to eliminate the powers centers, whether the power centers are government agencies or legislation going through Congress.


  1. This hits it on the head. I've heard people say that if we can just get "The Right People" in power, they won't abuse said power. Nonsense!! Hasn't work in over 5,000 years, won't work in the future.

    Eliminate the power available for abuse.

    David K

  2. What about direct voting/democracy?

  3. Yep, right, the direct democracy. It's even worse because the masses (generally incapable of understanding anything about how economy works) will simply vote for more and more perks to themselves at the expense of "the rich" - and after the predictable result along the lines of 20s in RSFSR, will elevate commissars to power. The resulting system of motivation by the threats of Gulag sentences will eventually fall apart... leaving a dozen or two millions dead in its wake.

    At least, the current corporatist system keeps the Stupid Majority from going on the rampage of legalized looting. The problem is that the each generation of children of the elite is more stupid than the previous - because what the older generations understood to be mere propaganda for holloi polloi, their children really believe in, courtesy of public education.