Friday, November 4, 2011

IN PROFILE Soros: The Next Generation

Alexander Soros is earning his PhD at Berkeley University, according to JWeekly. The paper does not report the area of study, but it does tell us that in 2010, he became the leading student donor to the Democratic Party. And in August, he gave his first major donation, $250,000, to Jewish Funds for Justice, a foundation that supports low-income communities and grassroots organizations. He also sits on its board.

Like his father, Alexander supports J Street, which calls itself the “pro-peace Israel lobby.”

According to JWeekly, Alexander traces his passion for philanthropy and social justice to his mother, Susan Weber Soros, and his nanny, Ping, from China via Flushing, Queens. His mother, also from Queens, was influential in setting up his father’s foundation, he said, as much as his father formed his view that as a Jew he has a responsibility to help those who suffer persecution and exclusion.

Ping was like a second mother and inspired Soros’ interest in the rights of domestic workers, and workers in general, he said. Now that she is retired, he and his younger brother help take care of her.

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  1. Hey that is exactly what the world needs! Another PhD graduate. I wonder when he gets to be on Charlie Rose?