Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It Sound's Like Geithner's Wife Wants Geithner to Cash-In

Is Treasury Secretary Geithner about to cash-in on his days in public service, where he served Goldman Sachs and the other banksters quite well? It appears his wife wants him to. 

As part of a profile on the Obama-Geithner relationship, NYT wrote:
As friends, donors, cabinet members and celebrities like Tom Hanks, Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder partied at the White House one evening last August to celebrate President Obama’s 50th birthday, the president tapped a lesser-known guest on the shoulder.
"Take a walk with me,” he said to Carole Sonnenfeld Geithner, within earshot of others. 
Their stroll on the South Lawn was Mr. Obama’s last step in a lengthy effort to keep her husband, Timothy F. Geithner, as secretary of the Treasury for the rest of the president’s term. Having worn down Mr. Geithner, Mr. Obama wanted to explain why it was important that her husband delay his return to New York.
Time will tell if the President was able to convince Geithner's missus. Geithner will be rewarded well when he does leave, with buckets and buckets of dollars, for his years of serving Goldman Sachs and the other banksters while at the Fed and Treasury.

When Geithner ultimately leaves the Treasury, whenever that will be, he will likely use the Peter Orszag model for cashing in. You don't want to look too crass when cashing in. So Geithner's first move will likely be to head to a think tank for a few months, before making the jump into the big bucks. When Orszag left his position as director of the Office of Management and Budget, he spent a few months at the Council on Foreign Relations before ultimately moving on to Citigroup, where he now cashes the big paychecks.

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  1. Makes sense that Timmy wants to get out whilst the gettin is good. He reminds he of a little brat that is Waaayyyy over is head in life. He never earned the right to have anything...Even a thieving political terrorist position...Obama, same.