Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Warning to the Tea Party about Ellen Brown

Gary North writes:
Ellen Brown leans so far to the left that her left shoulder scrapes the pavement.

That this extreme leftist should get a hearing within the grass roots conservative movement is just one more bit of evidence that tens of thousands of members of the grass roots conservative movement do not know "come here" from "sic 'em."

She has already praised Ben Bernanke to the heavens for QE2. You can read about this here.

Now she comes out four square behind Franklin Roosevelt's most radical speech just before he died. She then praises Martin Luther King for attempting to implement FDR's vision.

She has called for a New Bill of Rights. She means a New Deal Bill of Rights. She refers back to Roosevelt's 1944 State of the Union Address. This was the most radical call for a centrally planned economy in the history of Presidential addresses...

Ellen Brown is taken seriously by thousands of confused, angry Tea Party people. They say that want small government. They say they believe in the Constitution. Yet this Leftist has recruited a following within the Right, as generations of Greenback Leftists have ever since the 1930s. These poor souls want a guru so badly that they are willing to abandon everything they believe about the Constitution and Limited government. She can get them to swallow the Left's agenda because they hate bankers so much.

This is bad news for the Tea Party. It has enemies with the rank and file.

See North's complete takedown of Brown, here.


  1. I really hate Ellen Brown. Really, really, really hate Ellen Brown. Most of all, I hate her book "Web of Debt". It's so bad it makes you want to vomit.

    And furthermore, Ellen Brown thinks that Weimar Germany had hyperinflation due to "speculators". Ellen Brown thinks that money printed by government, not backed by debt, cannot lead to rising prices.

    Did I mention I really, really hate Ellen Brown?

    1. Seriously? You hate Ellen Brown, but you're ok with legions of banking interests running rough-shod over your Constitutional rights to fraud-free finance and government, and perpetuating a monetary system that is so rife with fraud and conflicts of interest that YOUR interests in the day-to-day life you hold so dear don't even matter any more? I'm a professional financial manager and even I agree with much of what Ellen has to say. When you look under the rug at the epic, yes EPIC, disaster and conflicting interests of large swaths of U.S. and foreign banking and finance, there is no doubt in my mind that she is one of the few who consistently sounds the alarm and we'd do well to consider much of her work with thoughtfulness.

  2. Hans,

    Nest time you comment tell us what you really think.

  3. Gary North also did a full analysis on her book 'Web of Debt' which was absolutely fantastic. He not only covered her historical errors, but also her economic errors, as well. Ellen Brown is a Greenbacker through and through, and it pains me that so many people in the "freedom" movement aren't knowledgeable enough to see that she is not a lover of freedom.

  4. Guess what HPX, I really, really, really hate you and the rest of your neo conservative teapuklicans. You and the rest of your ilk would rather sacrifice this country then have our president have any kind of victory. You and your kind are reason for our curent recssion and our unemployment rate amd congesses refusal to get us out of the mess you've put us in!!!

  5. Darnit! I do this every time I post a comment, I give the idea without coming through with the goods.

    Below is the Gary North piece where he completely obliterates Ellen Brown and her book 'Web of Debt'. There are many hyperlinks, so if I could give one suggestion, scroll down to the two hyperlinks labelled "Historical Errors" and "Economic Errors". Sure, click on the other links, as well. But, these two links that I mention are where the real meat and potatoes of North's critique is found.

    Here's the link:

  6. I have Web of Debt. The cover is cool. I dunno, at least she and Bill Still bring attention to the Fed. Bill Still's moneymasters site even has a Ron Paul endorsement on the side, so he's ok with me. But yeah, "Nationalize the Fed" should not be our rallying cry.

  7. Ho--hum, more left-right paradigm mind control. Really, Gary, we've moved beyond your reactionary nonsense long ago, and I'll make up my own mind, thank you very much!

  8. The World she is a different place that keeps us all on our toes. This Ellen Brown has us all dancing to a new tune. All I can say is VOTE!

  9. Yes, I can see how speculators would hate Ellen Brown.
    She is also a populist so overlaps with Tea Party people.
    Read 'Web of Debt' yourself to find out how money is created by parasitic moneylenders aka Big Banks.

  10. Ellen Brown will never be taken seriously by ANYONE. This is a completely stupid article.

  11. Keep an eye out for Theresa Ghilarducci as well; she's a parasite in the Labor Dept. that wants you to invest some or all of your retirement money in "GRA"s, or Government Retirement Annuities; essentially, annuities that are provided by the Treasury, that can only invest in Treasury notes and securities, "building" until you cash out in retirement.
    When you consider how the Govt has run SS into a hole in the ground, you wonder how idiots like Ghilarducci (and Ellen Brown) have avoided being tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.....


  13. If any of you vote this administration back in,
    you deserve what this liar will give you in the next four. How can anybody be so utterly stupid??

    Are you better off now than a couple of years ago? Wise up.........

  14. Ellen Brown is tasked with pied-piper'ing the tea party back into government slavery. I am sure she is being supported by terrorist scum like Soros.

  15. Ellen Brown really is a piece of work. She is currently has this idea that since a state run bank works in North Dakota, it will work everywhere else in other states, and other states are picking up on this idea. It's going to create a Central Bank in each state. They won't be able to print money the way the Federal Reserve does, but they can create money to lend to state governments. That's just an extension of the fractional reserve system. State governments will go wild with borrowing money. This is one crazy mixed up woman.

    She is made more dangerous because she was given some credibility by Bill Still when he interviewed her for his films, Secret of Oz and Money Masters. Those films made some sense, but the idea of Central Banks in each state is a really bad idea, and Ellen Brown is promoting this.

  16. Anonymous hater of teaplublikans, I really the love the ramblings of a clueless moron. You've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are one of the uninformed pawns he depends on in his bid to be reelected. Obama put forth a plan that he came up with entirely on his own without negotiating with, or even consulting with Republicans, that he knew made zero sense and had zero chance of passing. Why? For the betterment of the country? To help those his economic policies have hurt so greatly. No, he did it for the sole purpose of being able to use it as political ammunition on shallow people like you who couldn't pass Economics 101 if they had to and probably get their news from Bill Mahr.

    If Obama put forth any kind of free-market proposals I would support him until my dying breath. But every single economic proposal this idiot has proposed are Marxist-based plans that involve growing government, more centralized government planning and more government spending. He grows government, vilifies corporations, talks of the evils of profits, chokes off our energy supplies knowingly driving up energy prices on people hurting economically and corporations struggling to survive (not to mention killing 1000's of US jobs and sending billions of dollars overseas to terrorist nations), is a master at crony capitalism, and pours billions of dollars down the drain trying to prop up his unsustainable leftist, green-energy policies. His policies are an absolute disaster and border on economic suicide. Of course I'm going to oppose this boy-king with every ounce of energy in my body.

  17. “Ellen Brown leans so far to the left that her left shoulder scrapes the pavement.”
    This is not true. Ellen Brown is solidly for free enterprise. She is for the original American economic system as exemplified by Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania, where the govt created the money for the welfare of society as public infrastructure, eliminating the need for taxes, and freeing the citizenry from enslavement to the Bank of England’s gold and usury. We are enslaved to the bankers now, and public banks, nationalizing the Fed, and her other ideas are all reasonable and patriotic.
    She certainly doesn’t advocate a centrally planned economy. It’s a ridiculous charge. You have no argument against her, therefore you LIE! (By the way, North, communism fell by the wayside a long, long time ago.) To reject planning is just plain stupid. Now we have real unemployment of around 20%. If someone doesn’t do some planning to bring industry back home and get people employed, we have no future. Full-employment is a humane goal and a reasonable demand. We cannot have freedom and prosperity in a banker-controlled plutocracy. As MLK said, civil rights without economic power to the people are meaningless

  18. @ernie messerschmidt...I love the way Brown's adherents use her quotes about Franklin's early years and his early admiration of fiat currency. Of course, she avoids all those later quotes where Franklin disavows any type of fiat currency. She has been praising the FED for quantitative easing as though that were a solution...what quack. She proposes a single-tier fiat system to mirror the Lincoln Greenback, but fails to reveal that Lincoln was a friend of bankers, supported a central bank and was a foe against the efforts of Andrew Jackson in his quest to destroy the Bank of the U.S., in fact, the debt of the Union increased dramatically under the Greenback system and Lincoln's friends, the bankers and bond salesman grew enormously rich through the system. On top of it all, a single-tier fiat system is much more unstable than the dual-tier fiat system we are forced to suffer under today. Ellen Brown, like Bill Still and Mike Montagne are not only Greenbackers, but Greenbackers of the worst sort. They are consolidationists and would had government a free-hand in money creation when the fact is that the government should not be in the money business, but as the Constitution delegates its very limited and restrictive role.

  19. "If the government owned the banks, it could keep the interest and get these projects at half price. That means governments – state and federal – could double the number of projects they could afford, without costing the taxpayers a single penny more than we are paying now.
    "This opens up exciting possibilities. Federal and state governments could fund all sorts of things we think we can’t afford now, simply by owning their own banks.” Ellen Brown

    Essentially, the government empowers the banks now, especially the Federal Reserve, which functions to benefit this government in ways most people either don’t understand or, in some cases, wish not to consider; they would rather speak of the government and the FED as though there is no connection, but there is the deepest of connections. The FED functions and operates by government mandate, by legislation and does so to allow this government to spend without the burden of direct taxation on the People; additionally, the FED, through the use of intentional fiat monetary inflation, creates a hidden taxation on the People where the wealth of this country is siphoned off and funneled into the coffers of the government and its patronage system. The FED could not function without this grant from government, without this government’s patronage and legal protection.

    Ellen Brown exposes herself for what she really is by the above statement, she is someone who believes in a highly centralized government, in a highly centralized economy where the government, through the control of money creation, can direct the economy in any manner it sees fit. The quote also belies the lunacy of her economic understanding about both government and the economic consequences of such government spending. The government cannot simply create money, there is a consequence to such actions, especially under a single-tier fiat system. The only thing that restrains this government to a small degree is the fact that there is an interest burden to the creation of the fiat currency it now prints through the expediency of the FED and its Open Market Committee, which by the way, is a direct outcropping of the system that Lincoln (a hero of Ellen Brown) attempted to create during his illegal war against Free, Sovereign and Indpendent States as he destroyed the Republic and instituted a Nation State.

    Brown is not a free-market supporter, but a Mercantilist...there is a huge difference!

  20. Aparently Ellen Brown is not reading the news lately. EU's problem with the euro comes from the fact that there are many independent countries sharing the same money. For doing that well you need a centralized system, otherwise the speculation will be worst. The etic conflict of a money printing state is obvious, you are not backing the bills with production and then comes inflation.

  21. Of course Ellen Brown is hated by the Tea Party "Movement" - or that certain paid "authorities" wants to do anything to prevent that the movement actually reads Ellen Brown. This movement is totally manipulated by the financial institutions of Wall Street that put a lot of money in channeling people's frustration into hating the federal government instead of Wall Street - which is really to blame for the economical challenges people face. Wall Street wants to turn all of us into debt slaves. The government is more or less already in their hands, but they want to take over power completely from democracy - from Us the People. Since they more or less own most of the media, it is easy for them to turn the anger of the people away from themselves and direct it to the government. When they have succeeded and everything is totally deregulated, they will make us feel that we won and that democracy really was a bad social idea and therefore we should fear it and trust their private armies. What we fail to realize is that Wall Street is slowly turning USA into a new Soviet Union - this time with a economical elite in power instead of a political elite. This is what Ellen Brown tries to warn us about.