Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Soros Doesn't Want to Payoff His 28 Yr Old Ex-Lover

George Soros will not provide Brazilian ex-lover, soap star Adriana Ferreyr with an apartment to occupy, or $50 million, reports NyPo. She is suing for such in Manhattan Supreme Court court.

Soros’ lawyer, William D. Zabel, last night served Ferreyr’s lawyers with papers arguing the case should be dismissed.

The papers, seen by NyPo, state that Soros and Ferreyr had an “on-again, off-again and non-exclusive intimate relationship.” But it claims she “hoped to extract even more from Soros -- millions more,” and says her lawsuit is “part of her continued quest to cash in on their casual relationship.”

The lawyer for said in the papers that the idea that Soros was obligated to buy her an apartment as “patently preposterous,” that she “may have been disappointed that Soros moved onto other women, ending her hopes of living in an extravagant ‘dream apartment’ for free.”

Ferreyr claimed in her lawsuit that Soros threw a lamp and “attempted to choke her” as they argued in bed together at his Manhattan home in August 2010.

This claim is blasted by Soros as “odious and utterly baseless.” His lawyers argue the police report shows that the lamp “fell on [Ferreyr’s] right foot,” adding it makes no mention of choking and she told police, “She was not fearful of Soros.”


  1. Within days Soros is gonna suggest imposing a 1% tax on transactions with golddiggers also known as the Ho-bin Tax.

  2. And they say money can't buy happiness ?

  3. Sure she's gorgeous...but no 'tang is worth anywhere near that much...

  4. OK, but does Soros really expect people to believe that she was interested in Soros for sex?

  5. "She was not fearful of Soros"

    Beating about 99.9 percent of the craven journalists out there.

    Thus does the free market produce its own levelers.

    Re money buying happiness:

    If you think intermittent mutual lubrication between the geriatric and the nubile that ends in furniture-tossing, multi-million dollar lawsuits, and public scandal is happiness, just sign up for a reality show and you've got it.

    As disastrous as his actions have been for millions of people, I almost feel sorry for George Soros. He often sounds like the first victim of his own brains.

  6. He's an octogenarian billionaire who destroys liberty and he gets to bang hot Brazilian actresses?

    That's just not fair.

  7. She's your typical entitlement whore who thinks that just because she has a vagina that she deserves someone else's money. No I don't like that bastard Soros but that doesn't mean her attempted extortion is justified.

  8. @Mike

    "She's your typical entitlement whore who thinks that just because she has a vagina that she deserves someone else's money."

    Me: "And he's your typical entitlement pig who thinks that just because he has a wallet he deserves someone else's vagina."

    A match made in heaven.
    Karma is a bitch in every sense.

  9. Thailand, UK, Russia, should all file amicus briefs or join the complaint. They got screwed too and didn't even get a stinking apartment.

  10. I ain't sayin' she's a gold digga but she ain't messin' with no broke...Brazilians.

  11. Its ironic, but Soros could probably just use an expensive call girl and get what he wants which for him would be a pittance and no hassles. The woman would leave when they are done. But nooo, that would be dealing with a market without regulations- a free market actually. Horrors!

  12. @Anonymous
    "get what he wants"

    Actually, no. He probably does NOT want a call girl but something he can call his own that includes some romantic or emotional aspect and conveys status.

    $50 million is probably the going rate in the market for that for eighty year old billionaires.

    It might even be a bargain.