Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Twisted Mind of Jonathan Gruber

Capital New York describes M.I.T. professor Jonathan Gruber as " a key intellectual architect of President Obama's overhaul of the American health care system."

CapNy quotes an upset Gruber:
I'm frustrated that the future of the American health care system rests in the hands of one or two of these unelected people who might make the decision based on political grounds. It's very disturbing."
Well, blow me down. He's talking about the Supreme Court, of course.

So what is Gruber in favor of, giving choice back to the individual? Not exactly. He wants to be the decider on health insurance policies. How twisted can you get?

Here's Gruber on his plan for forcing people to buy health insurance:
The mandate is really the glue that holds this act together.
Oh yeah, coercion holds a lot of things together, including Guantanamo. How is it not the ultimate in hypocrisy for Gruber to be upset about the Supremes choosing for everyone, when he simply wants to be the chooser instead?

But wait, it gets worse. He also says:
Basically, this is the last hope for a free-market solution for covering the uninsured.
Is he out of his mind or what? How is forced participation, a free market solution? How is government choosing which insurance companies are qualified to provide health insurance a free market solution? How is government negotiating with insurance companies relative to what kind of coverage they can and can't provide in a health policy a free market solution?

This is one totally twisted dude, who may be a key player in forcing you into an insurance plan and also determine the options that insurance companies will be able to offer you.

Bottom line:  Jonathan Gruber will be a major reason life expectancy in this country falls if Obamacare is passed. He has no clue how a free market works. He has no clue why creativity develops in a free market or why government central planning always leads to suffocation of an economy and lower standards of living.


  1. "He has no clue why creativity develops in a free market... "

    Totally agree with all of your comments but I have to emphasize that creativity happens in centrally managed markets too! Ask anyone that has lived in a Communist country about the underground economy that kept people alive and gave them an ability to enjoy life while the central planners were busy engineering society. Part of what destroys the centrally planned economies is the creativity of individuals in circumventing the engineering. Its the same creativity that makes all government programs fail.

  2. Sounds like Jonathan may be related to Hans Gruber of Die Hard fame. He may have even less mercy on those who cross him.

  3. Hmmm, what was the "glue" that held the black slave to the plantations in 1860 Georgia? This Gruber psychopath is basically claiming to own me. I wish this parasite would claim ownership to my face.